Spring Floor Care Tips for Carpet Owners

Ready to Kiss Winter Goodbye?

So are we! Spring is just around the corner, and as the weather heats up, your flooring is bound to experience a few changes of its own during the transition. Whether you’ve been patiently waiting for the snow to melt before beginning your home renovations, or are simply looking to care for your existing floors, Ashley Fine Floors is here to help.

Springtime can be a wonderful time of year, but for those unprepared, it can be particularly hard on your carpets. Carpets can be a fantastic way to bring life into your space, with a wide selection of patterns, depths, and textures available. They also help insulate your home against the cold, and provide a soft surface to tread on year-round. Learn how to prepare and protect your flooring against the strains of spring below!

Prevention is Your Friend

The best way to protect your carpets against the elements is to protect them from coming in contact in the first place. Place mats around your key entry points and transition areas around the home, and make sure you remove any soiled footing that may carry excess moisture and grit in from the outdoors.

Act Quickly When It Comes to Moisture

Even the most durable carpets are vulnerable when it comes to water damage. If left untended to, water spots can eventually lead to mould, which presents a danger to the health of residents. Prevent risks and unsightly stains by gently blotting excess water with paper towels, microfiber cloths, or using a portable carpet cleaner if you have one.

Pay Attention to Your Nose…Really!

Do you find yourself sniffling more often? Are your family members sneezing and coughing, or waking up feeling congested? It could be a sign that it’s time to give your carpets a proper refresh with a deep clean. Even if you’ve been diligent with your vacuuming, most carpeting will benefit from professional cleaning every 6 months. Professional equipment will be able to reach deeper than other cleaners and will use a safe amount of moisture (and subsequently avoid mould build up) to remove deeply seated dirt and grime. You’ll also find your surface will be plusher, and any lingering odors should be eliminated.

Looking to add some style to your home or office? Ashley Fine Floors has a wide selection of popular carpet brands, including Beaulieu, Lexmark, and Kraus to meet your flooring needs. Contact us today to learn more!

How to Help Your Vinyl Flooring “Spring” to Life!

If you’ve read our previous piece, you’ll know that vinyl flooring boasts a wide range of benefits for home and property owners. Luxury Vinyl Tile is particularly popular amongst those looking for a more cost-effective, but equally stylish, alternative to hardwood. As we head into the warmer month and face the annual Edmonton snowmelt, here are a few spring cleaning tips to consider when caring for your vinyl floors.

Use Low Impact Cleaning Techniques

Vinyl tiling is hardy and able to withstand a wide variety of environmental stressors, making it an ideal choice for busy property owners. Even so, you’ll want to pay particular attention to your cleaning methods as the season change. Spring can be a particularly challenging season since melting snow means increased moisture in the home, as well as the presence of salt, sand, and grit from the outdoors. To maintain your floors, you’ll want to stay on top of a regular cleaning routine, as well as spot clean any spills or stains. Make sure to use gentle cleaning materials, such as microfiber cloths and avoid exposing your tiles to excess water. Regular sweeping, vacuuming (make sure you use the appropriate attachments), and mopping will help you prevent the build-up of grime as we head into the warmer months.

Think Natural When It Comes to Products

Due to their finish, vinyl tiles are not best suited to the use of most waxes and polishes, which leave a film behind and potentially damage the floor. Apple cider vinegar diluted in warm water is a great substitute for traditional soaps, and gently removes any build up without leaving a cloudy residue behind.

Prevention is Your Best Bet

The best way to avoid damage and staining is to keep dirt and moisture out of your home period. Adding floor mats at entry points as well as key transitional areas, removing shoes before you enter the home, and drying off your pet’s paws when they come inside will help you keep your home clean and your floors looking their best for the years to come.

Looking for the best flooring for your new home, renovation, or investment property? Our experts can help. Ashley Fine Floors has been serving the Edmonton area for over 25 years and is your first choice when it comes to flooring. Contact our team today to learn more!

Spring Cleaning Your Laminate Floors

Spring is just around the corner, and as those of us in more temperate climates will know, the shifting of seasons tends to bring unpredictable weather changes. These sudden fluctuations between warm and cold, extra moisture in the air, and the influx of dirt and grit can put additional strain on your floor without the proper precautions. At Ashley Fine Floors we carry a wide range of flooring options, including the widely popular Beaulieu and Richmond laminate lines. With laminate being such valuable option for homeowners wanting style on a wallet-friendly price point, we’ve compiled a few tips for protecting your flooring during the spring. Check out our guide below!

Tend to Any ‘Seasonal Debris’ Promptly

As the snow melts, the presence of moisture, salt, sand, and other winter staples becomes hard to avoid in your home. Prevent your floors from buckling, warping, or gaining unsightly stains by placing mats at each entrance to your home as well as in high traffic “transition areas” (i.e. garage to mudroom or living room to kitchen). You’ll also want to be quick to mop up any puddles, and to gently remove any salt or dirt marks with a damp microfiber cloth. Avoid the use of any abrasive cleaning tools, as they may scratch or damage your finish.

Invest in Soap-Free Cleaners

While laminate flooring is durable and meant to withstand most stressors, you’ll want to make sure you’re using the right treatments when cleaning. Steer clear of using excess water when mopping, as well as soaps, waxes, or polishes that leave behind a residue; not only will these products typically give you a streaky finish, but they may damage the sealing of the flooring itself.

Spot Cleaning and Regular ‘Quick Sweeps’ Go a Long Way

Laminate floors are low maintenance, but the best way to enhance the longevity of your product is routine upkeep. Spot cleaning any spills, taking a few minutes to sweep up dirt, pet dander, and giving things a quick wipe down every so often will keep your floors in optimal shape between deep cleans. When it comes to a more thorough clean, try a microfiber cloth or mop soaked in hot water, making sure you wring out any excess liquid.

Following these tips will keep your laminate looking fresh and ready for spring. Learn more about the benefits of laminate flooring, as well as our other flooring options, including hardwood and carpeting by contacting our team today!