Fire, floods and break-ins – nobody wants to be victimized by these tragedies, but they do happen. Thankfully, insurance takes the sting out of the incidents meaning that repairs can happen and your life can get back to normal.

At Ashley Fine Floors, we understand how stressful it is to work through an insurance claim and that is why we work with both adjusters and restoration companies to ensure your insurance work is a stress-free as possible.

Whether you want to replace your hardwood floor in Calgary so it looks exactly like it did before the damage, or to take things in a new direction, Ashley Fine Floors works with your insurance adjuster to take the stress out of your flooring installation in Edmonton and Calgary. We treat your home, and your frazzled nerves, with the care you need and deserve.


Customer Reviews

““We have used Ashley Fine Flooring for a number of projects and have always been impressed with the quality of service, workmanship and product. Ashley came highly recommended to our family when we needed to repair our master bedroom carpet. We had just adopted an older rescue dog and I’d “kenneled” him in the bedroom while taking our other dog to the vet. When I came home, I discovered he’d tried to dig himself out of the room – tearing up about two to three feet of carpet and underlay at the bedroom door. Although the carpet was 13-years old, we weren’t ready to replace the carpet in our home. Clarence repaired the carpet beautifully. He was able to stretch our old carpet and the repair was seamless.   Our entire home has now been outfitted with carpet and lino by Ashley Fine Flooring. Our carpet replacement experience in 2015 was wonderful. Rob came to our home to consult and take measurements. He is incredibly knowledgeable and our replacement project went smoothly. Ashley’s staff made sure the carpet was laid quickly and with minimal disruption to our home.   In October 2015, Ashley came again to our rescue for a repair. We were replacing our back door when we discovered the door hadn’t been sealed properly when the house was built in 2000. Water had leaked under the door and was rotting the dining room floor. We had to pull back our lino and replace about two feet of floor joists and subfloor before we could replace the door. We didn’t have much lino left from when we had the flooring replaced but Clarence was able to fix our floor and hide the repair.   We have recommended Ashley Fine Flooring to friends and family for repairs and replacement projects. I would definitely use Ashley Fine Flooring for any future needs at our home.””