Linoleum flooring is often confused with vinyl, but it is not the same thing. Linoleum is made from a variety of materials such as solid linseed oil, pine rosin, cork dust, and calcium. Due to the many different materials that comprise linoleum, these floors can be very colourful and detailed.

Linoleum is generally a commercial product; however sheet vinyl, a similar product, is the residential version. This is way sheet vinyl is often referred to as linoleum, the great news is we carry both. Ashley Fine Floors specializes in linoleum flooring in Calgary. If you are looking for linoleum in Edmonton, we offer a variety of superior quality colours and patterns.

Why Choose Linoleum Flooring in Calgary and Edmonton?

Linoleum is very flexible, so much so that it is often sold in sheets or rolls. This flexibility makes it ideal for locations were flooring is prone to moving, warping or cracking.

  • Linoleum is extremely durable – properly maintained linoleum can last for decades
  • Linoleum is low maintenance
  • Linoleum is very easy to install
  • As a soft floor covering, it’s easy on the feet and joints while providing a bit of a sound barrier as well
  • Linoleum comes in a variety of colours and patterns and can be cut to provide even more artistic floor displays
  • Linoleum is biodegradable and does not seep VOCs.
  • Great for busy families with pets and high traffic commercial areas

Linoleum Styles

Available as sheets or tiles, linoleum comes in every colour and pattern you can imagine. If you want a floor that stands out, this is the option for you.

Linoleum Maintenance

  • Wet mop with a mild detergent as needed
  • Sweep as necessary
  • Place pads under chairs and furniture to help reduce denting and cutting
  • Polish with a manufacture-approved product

Choose Ashley Fine Floors for all Your Linoleum Needs

There are rooms that need a bit more fun, such as basement pubs, children’s playrooms or home theaters. Linoleum can enhance these and other areas of your home or business. Come in today to check out the many different styles of linoleum, and rely on our expertise to find one that matches your budget and vision.

Customer Reviews

“I have been working with Mike for about two years now. Mike has proven to be extremely reliable and efficient in all areas of his industry. Mike’s positive attitude and flexibility are fundamental in helping to achieve top quality results for our customers. I would definitely recommend Mike and his team at Ashley Fine Floors. - Erik Hermanutz with Danuk Construction Ltd.”