Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury vinyl tile is made up of polyvinyl chloride, resins, plastics, pigments and stabilizers. The bottom layer provides stability and adhesion, and the topmost layer delivers protection and shine. As a synthetic product, luxury vinyl tile can be made to look like a variety of natural floor finishes including ceramic, stone and wood. We carry a variety of luxury vinyl flooring in Edmonton. Soft, flexible and easy to install yourself, contact us today for your Calgary luxury flooring needs!

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring in Edmonton and Calgary?

Soft, flexible and the easiest floor finish for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, luxury vinyl tiles have many advantages.

  • A very affordable way to get a floor that looks like stone, ceramic or hardwood
  • Peel and stick backing make installation a breeze
  • The perfect option for floors that are prone to movement and moisture
  • Provides a natural sound barrier
  • Soft on the feet and easy on the joints
  • Acrylic grout that resists cracking
  • Low sheen hides dirt and grime
  • Newer vinyl tile has a fibreglass backing that can adhere to existing surfaces
  • Low maintenance

Luxury Vinyl Tile Styles

Luxury vinyl tile comes in a very wide variety of colours and patterns. Whether you want the look of stone in your kitchen or black and white checkerboard in the den, a patterned floor or an artistic scene, there is a vinyl tile that will enhance your living spaces.

Luxury Vinyl Tile Maintenance

Vinyl tiles perform best indoors and away from wet areas such as bathtubs and showers.

  • Do not wax vinyl tile
  • Avoid soap-based detergents as this may affect the finish
  • Never use an abrasive cleaner as this may scratch or tear the tile
  • Vacuum with a soft bristle/floor attachment as required
  • Sweep and wet mop as required

Choose Ashley Fine Floors for all Your Luxury Vinyl Tile Needs

Our great selection of luxury vinyl tile helps contractors and DIY renovators get the look they want on the budget they need. Vinyl can be playful, serious, cute or professional. Whatever look you’re after, the flooring specialists at Ashley Fine Floors have you covered.

Customer Reviews

““We have used Ashley Fine Flooring for a number of projects and have always been impressed with the quality of service, workmanship and product. Ashley came highly recommended to our family when we needed to repair our master bedroom carpet. We had just adopted an older rescue dog and I’d “kenneled” him in the bedroom while taking our other dog to the vet. When I came home, I discovered he’d tried to dig himself out of the room – tearing up about two to three feet of carpet and underlay at the bedroom door. Although the carpet was 13-years old, we weren’t ready to replace the carpet in our home. Clarence repaired the carpet beautifully. He was able to stretch our old carpet and the repair was seamless.   Our entire home has now been outfitted with carpet and lino by Ashley Fine Flooring. Our carpet replacement experience in 2015 was wonderful. Rob came to our home to consult and take measurements. He is incredibly knowledgeable and our replacement project went smoothly. Ashley’s staff made sure the carpet was laid quickly and with minimal disruption to our home.   In October 2015, Ashley came again to our rescue for a repair. We were replacing our back door when we discovered the door hadn’t been sealed properly when the house was built in 2000. Water had leaked under the door and was rotting the dining room floor. We had to pull back our lino and replace about two feet of floor joists and subfloor before we could replace the door. We didn’t have much lino left from when we had the flooring replaced but Clarence was able to fix our floor and hide the repair.   We have recommended Ashley Fine Flooring to friends and family for repairs and replacement projects. I would definitely use Ashley Fine Flooring for any future needs at our home.””