Tile is incredibly versatile and it’s not just for floors. Use tile to create a backsplash, enhance a fireplace, represent vintage design or create a work of art on a wall. Floors, walls, showers – tile works with them all. Tile comes in many styles, widths, finishes and colours. If you’re looking for tile stores in Calgary, we are your preferred choice. No matter what style of décor you prefer, from vintage to minimalism, modern to Art Nouveau, there is a tile for you. Visit our showroom and let us enhance your home with our tile in Edmonton.

Why Choose Our Tile Stores in Edmonton and Calgary?

Like hardwood, tile is a sought-after item for homebuyers. It is easy to clean and if a tile breaks, it can be removed and replaced. Tile has these advantages too:

  • Performs very well over radiant heating
  • Extremely durable
  • Very low maintenance
  • Wonderful flooring option for homeowners with pets
  • Always in style

Tile Styles

Tiles come in every colour and size in these main categories:

  • Ceramic – made of clay and minerals, mixed with water and baked by firing, ceramic tiles can be glazed or unglazed
  • Porcelain – made of a ceramic tile base with the addition of feldspar, porcelain tiles can also be glazed or unglazed
  • Stone – quarried granite, marble, limestone, travertine or slate is quarried and cut to size
  • Glass – ideal for backsplashes and for adding flair to spaces
  • Metal – ideal for backsplashes and for adding flair to spaces

Tile Maintenance

It is very easy to clean and maintain tile. If you keep your tiles in good condition, they will last you a lifetime.

  • Glazed tiles are easier to clean than unglazed tiles
  • Quickly clean any spills on unglazed or porcelain tiles to reduce the risk of staining
  • Do not use abrasive cleaners, especially on glass and metal tile
  • Seal grout between tiles to enhance its looks and longevity
  • Clean your grout with a manufacturer-approved product
  • All grout stains and discolours over time, but it can be stained back to its original colour
  • Marble tiles can be polished and buffed to restore its original surface quality and shine

Choose Ashley Fine Floors for all Your Tile Needs

With all the options we offer for tile applications, you need an experienced guide to ensure you get the style that works best for you. Rely on our 25+ years of experience to help you make a solid choice.

Customer Reviews

“Dealing with Ashley Fine Floors was a great experience. From the showroom to installation, everything went smoothly. Their staff are friendly and knowledgeable. We highly recommend them. - Jon and Sarah G, A Retail Client”