How to Turn Your Deck into BBQ Central

Summer is here and it’s time to get grilling, but nowadays there is a bit more to throwing a fantastic BBQ than just firing up that old charcoal grill. BBQing is a way of living now! As a result, you need a grilling space that can do more than just heat up those hot dogs. If you want to throw the best BBQ in town this summer, then you need to deck out your deck.

Turn your deck into a space for entertaining as well as grilling

The best way to turn your deck into BBQ central is to extend your entertainment space to the outside. You don’t want to be outside grilling while the fun is happening inside. The “how” depends on the type of hosting you like doing. If you and your friends are big on music, you can equip your deck with outdoor speakers. If you are a sports fanatic—or a film fanatic—make sure you have a TV that can be relocated outdoors to make those get together’s extra fun.

How do you make your deck BBQ friendly?

Outdoor kitchens are the up-and-coming trend, but your deck doesn’t have to have a full-out kitchen to be comfortable. Focus on the necessities. Make sure you have a good grill, and a good spot for that grill, whether you prefer gas, propane, or charcoal. Next, make sure you have a table and chairs set up close enough to be able to chat while you are cooking—but make sure you still have room to cook without having to ask people to move too much.

Incorporating a counter space for food preparation into your deck can make the grilling experience a lot easier, and even if you don’t want to outfit your deck with a full outdoor kitchen, incorporating a mini fridge can help you keep meat cool enough to rule out any health concerns—and keep your drinks cool, too. Of course, if drinks are a main priority, it may be worthwhile to incorporate an outdoor bar into your BBQ setup. With some stools on the other side, it could bring the conversation closer while guaranteeing you have enough space to grill, and you could build a mini fridge right into the bar to ensure you always have cold drinks and plenty of ice nearby (especially since we all know nothing chases your guests away faster than warm beer).

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