Nurturing Spaces, Guiding Journeys: Our Approach Rooted in Family Values and Expertise

Family-owned and operated business in Edmonton for over 35 years. Knowledgeable, friendly people who care about and take pride in what we do, and what we can do for you.
Many customers initially think we only service large-scale flooring projects, when in fact, we are able to support all projects and budgets, from a 5ft x 5ft bathroom renovation you plan to manage yourself to coordinating massive commercial installations.

Our customers can also count on us for ongoing support, long after their space is finished. Have a question about maintenance, advice, or warranty concerns? You can always call us, we love to help.

Unique Features of Ashley Approach

Focus on customer care

Our team is dedicated to learning exactly what you’ll need to find the right flooring products for your space.

Stress -free show room

We work with you to find the ideal products ideal for your budget and space, giving you the power to decide what’s best for you. No pushy sales…guaranteed.

Quality Guarantee

Our flooring products are backed by manufacturer’s warranty, and we guarantee the quality of our services, from consultations to installations.

One of the family

We deliver the same care and attention to detail for every customer that we would if we were working in our own home or business.

Ashley Fine Floor store

Come visit the Ashley Fine Floors store for all your flooring needs. We carry a large selection of products for every corner of your home.