Bring Elegance to Your Home with Ashley Fine Floors Hardwood Flooring

by | Oct 15, 2021 | Flooring General, Hardwood

Choose elegance by bringing gorgeous hardwood flooring to your home today! Ashley Fine Floors is proud to be Edmonton’s source for hardwood flooring. We offer an extensive collection of hardwood flooring solutions so that you can upgrade your home easily and efficiently. Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic flooring solution.


Versatility is a major feature of hardwood flooring. There are several installation options available to you with hardwood floors, including glue, click, nail and staple installation. With several installation options available to you for your home, you can choose according to your home’s needs. Hardwood flooring is also great for basements given this versatile installation feature.

Elegant Options

Hardwood floors have always been associated with elegance and beauty. These floors come in a variety of styles, ranging from lighter woods for a more modern look, to darker hardwood floors for something more warm and rustic. Whatever your dream look for your floors is, we can make sure to find a hardwood style that will fit it perfectly.

Great for Winter Weather

As an Edmonton-based flooring company, we’ve worked for over 30 years to provide flooring to customers here in the city. We know the specific needs that customers like you have, and we are ready to make your home better by giving you the floors that can withstand our climate.

Hardwood flooring is a fantastic flooring solution for spaces that may encounter wet boots or residue from salt. The outdoor elements don’t stand a chance against the durability of hardwood floors. You can trust that these floors will keep their great quality for years, as their water-resistant exterior keeps away any threat of mould or decay from moisture.

Easy to Clean

Ready to knock off a chore from your list? Hardwood floors don’t require any extensive cleaning, so a quick and easy sweeping or mopping will get the job done easily. You don’t have to worry about giving your wood floors a deep clean every week. Instead, minimal maintenance will give your floors the sheen you’re looking for so your home can keep looking beautiful without any hassle.

Upgrades Your Home

Give your home the upgrade you’ve always dreamed of with hardwood floors. Classic, elegant and truly refined, hardwood flooring takes any home to the next level. With beautiful finishes, hardwood floors can complement any room in your home! Other flooring solutions simply do not have the same classic look that hardwood has, and are not as consistently associate with style and luxury. With hardwood, you can wow your guests every time.

Although there are tons of practical reasons for installing hardwood flooring, the upgrade it provides can also be a major plus. You can look forward to a potential return on investment later in life if you decide to sell your home. This flooring solution is a great way to elevate your space and, as a result, invest in your future!

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