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Revamping the flooring in your commercial space can be a fantastic way to add value to your property while also ensuring that you have a functional layout that works for your staff and customers. Finding the right option for your commercial space can feel like a daunting task, but with a little research, you’ll find the best fit in no time. If you’re considering upgrading the floors in your commercial building, below are some of the key factors you’ll want to keep in mind during the selection process.

What Kind Of Area(s) Do You Need To Cover?

Commercial buildings present a unique challenge when it comes to selecting flooring. Depending on your industry needs, daily foot traffic, and other such factors, you’ll need to find an option that works best for each specific area of your building. For example: businesses whose operations involve a heavy amount of standing (registries, pharmacies, etc) by staff members and patrons may want to consider investing in flooring that is both durable and flexible enough to reduce the strain on joints. Linoleum flooring is a cost-effective option in such a case and offers plenty of stylish options to choose from

What Is Your Budget?

As with any major decisions that affect your financial bottom line, your budget will be a key factor in determining what options are available. Luxury vinyl tile, carpet, and tiling tend to be quite popular due to their ability to cover large spaces at a competitive cost.

What Are Your Maintenance Expectations?

For the vast majority of businesses, dedicating substantial time to upkeep is not a viable option. Finding flooring that maintains its lustre and functionality with a minimal routine is imperative to business operations, and should be an important part of the consideration process when looking at options.

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With over two decades working alongside Edmontonians to help them find the right flooring solutions for their homes and businesses, Ashley Fine Floors is proud to welcome visitors to our gorgeous showroom featuring many of the top manufacturers in the business, including several Canadian brands! Our team of flooring experts are happy to work alongside you to find the best solutions for your commercial property, one room at a time! Contact our team today to learn more!

Why Tile Flooring Is A Great Option For Commercial Businesses

For over 25 years, Ashley Fine Floors has been the Edmonton Capital Region’s leading choice when it comes to quality flooring solutions. With an extensive inventory of products made by the top manufacturers in the industry (including several made right here in Canada), our team is proud to partner with home and commercial business owners to find the best solutions for every space. Ashely Fine Floors is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service as well as unbeatable knowledge to ensure our customers always have access to the help they need. Learn more about our tile products, including why they make a fantastic option for business owners, below!

Top Tile Solutions

Tile floors offer several benefits to home and business owners. As an incredibly versatile option, tile is stylish, durable, and can stand up to the demands of high traffic crowds. With multiple different kinds and style to choose from, tile gives property owners endless opportunities to customize their space, choose from materials like:

  • Ceramic
  • Porcelain
  • Stone
  • Glass
  • Metal

Whether you’re looking to wow customers with a statement flooring feature, or are simply looking for an option that’s made to last, tile is a valuable addition to any commercial space.

Why Choose Tile?

In addition to the variety of styles available, tile flooring offers many practical benefits for property owners. Perks of working with tile include:


Tile flooring is designed to be extremely resilient, even in the most demanding of spaces. For businesses that encounter high foot traffic or that may be worried about premature wear and tear on weaker planks, tile can help eliminate such concerns.

Easy to Maintain

Ceramic tiles are incredibly easy to care for, reducing your time (and budget) spent on cleaning. Simply vacuuming or sweeping the floor regularly, along with spot mopping and deep cleans as needed will keep your tiles looking their best for years to come.


Compared to other flooring solutions, tile is considerably cheaper per square footage, helping you save valuable dollars, all without compromising on style!

Able To Be Installed In Tricky Places

Unlike certain types of flooring that may deteriorate quickly when faced with excess moisture or other environmental factors, tile flooring is considerably more forgiving. In addition to being more water-resistant, tile flooring can even be installed over radiant flooring, making it an ideal option for chilly Alberta winters!

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Top Commercial Flooring Choices

Selecting the right flooring for your commercial space can be a tricky process for many business owners. Your floors need to fulfil two important functions: to serve as a practical foundation for your day to day traffic, and to visually anchor the aesthetic of your space. Find out what the top choices for 2018 are, as well as a few basic tips to keep in mind.

The Staples

Carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tile, and linoleum are heavily favoured by commercial spaces, largely in part due to their durability and cost. Below are a few key aspects to consider for each.


Carpet tiles offer a fantastic option for those looking to bring warmth into their space, both visually and functionally. With a wide variety of tiles available, there’s no shortage of design opportunities, and different piles assist with sound dampening and insulation during the colder months. It’s worth noting that carpet may not be ideal for all areas of your commercial building, and should be used in spaces that are less prone to moisture exposure or heavy foot traffic with outdoor footwear to ensure longevity and reduce the chance of mould developing.

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile has become a quick customer favourite due to the incredible range of styles available. For those looking to install flooring over a large area at a price friendly point, LVT is a surefire way to save without having to compromise on style. Best of all, the tiles are durable enough to withstand reasonable traffic and wear and tear, giving you a longterm option that requires minimal maintenance to look its best.


Linoleum has long been the choice for business owners that need their floors to stand up to heavy traffic and increased dirt transfer without compromising on appearance. As a low maintenance, easy to install option, linoleum is extremely durable and cast last for decades. In addition, the tiles are extremely versatile and suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Which Option Suits You Best?

If you are unsure of what to look for when selecting commercial flooring, there’s no need to worry; our teams of experts are happy to help! A few basics to keep in mind are:

  • How big is your space?
  • What is your overall budget?
  • How long do you need your flooring to last before replacement becomes a consideration?
  • What daily demands will your floors be subject to? (Heavy traffic, moisture, etc.)

Ready to get started with commercial flooring? We can help! Ashley Fine Floors has been connecting Edmonton and area with leading flooring solutions for over 25 years. Contact our team today to learn more.

How to Select Your Commercial Flooring

When it comes to selecting your commercial flooring, knowing which options match your needs can seem a little overwhelming to property owners and investors. The right fit needs to not only last, but to fit the function and aesthetic of the building. With the help of flooring experts like the team at Ashley Fine Floors, you can rest easy knowing your floors are fit for the long haul.

To help make your selection a little easier, our staff have compiled a few tips to keep in mind, as well as a quick cheat sheet with info on a few of the most commonly selected flooring options. Read on to learn more!

Check Your Foundation Before You Purchase

While selecting the right panels or tiles is crucial to longevity, the first step you need to take is evaluating the space where you’re planning on having your flooring installed. Understanding the needs of your foundation will help you determine key factors like whether or not you need additional padding underneath, extra protection against ground moisture, and what kind of support you’ll be getting from a ground level. Keeping these things in mind will make sure you are able to avoid the wear and tear of preventable stressors on your materials.

Evaluate the Function/Purpose of Each Area

Different areas of your business will often serve different purposes for both customers and staff, and thus have different flooring needs. For example, the ground in an industrial kitchen will have a very different function and set of needs to fulfill than a lobby area of a retail business. While both may experience moderate to heavy traffic, one will likely need to be more water resistant and offer more cushioning for staff standing in an assigned area for a long period of time. Knowing the demands of foot traffic, as well as any unique challenges of the space will help you make the best selection possible.

Quick Guide to Flooring Types

Vinyl: Vinyl flooring is a suitable option for those looking for a low cost, durable, and stylish option for high traffic areas. As a relatively low maintenance product, vinyl is a great fit for many commercial spaces.

Linoleum: Linoleum is similar to vinyl in composition, but is made from eco-friendly materials like cork, tree resin, and wood, making it a contender for business owners wanting an environmentally conscious product.

Laminate: Laminate is another popular option, capable of handling heavy foot traffic and resistant to scuffing, dents, and scratches. It is relatively moisture resistant, but is less ideal for bathrooms or other areas where regular exposure to liquids is normal.

Carpet: Best suited for indoor areas that do not frequently encounter moisture, and where routine upkeep (vacuuming or sweeping) is likely. Carpets help insulate a space, and can also act as a sound barrier between floors or in large open spaces.

Ashley Fine Floors is here to provide assistance with all of your commercial flooring needs. With over 25 years of experience, our team is sure to make your purchase and installation a breeze. Contact us today to learn more!