Why You Need To Consider Linoleum Flooring For Your Next Project

If you’re looking for a cost effective, eco-conscious, and stylish flooring selection for your home, office, or other commercial space, you may be surprised to hear that linoleum is often a perfect match. As one of the most versatile and often under appreciated options available, linoleum has plenty to offer property owners. Learn more about the benefits of linoleum below!

Style With A Conscious

The home building industry has become increasingly focused on energy efficient, eco-friendly solutions. Linoleum flooring is made with all natural, biodegradable materials, making it eco-conscious. In addition, because the planks lack certain plastics and varnishes, you can rest easy knowing that you don’t have to worry about toxic or harmful particles being released into your home over time.

Cost Effective

Looking to fill a large space? One of the most appealing perks for homeowners is the comparatively low price as opposed to luxury vinyl tile or laminate.

Easy to Maintain

If you’re always on the go and need a floor that can withstand heavy duty traffic with minimal effort, linoleum is ideal. With linoleum being water, scratch, stain, and warp resistant, your tiles are designed to withstand heavy demand while staying stylish. Simply sweep off any accumulating dust or debris once a week and mop up spills as needed!

Made to Last

As we mentioned above, linoleum is crafted to stand up to heavy duty traffic without falling apart, making it a great fit for homes with children or pets, as well as commercial spaces.

About Ashley Fine Floors

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Discover the Benefits of Linoleum Flooring

Are you curious about the benefits of linoleum floors? As an increasing popular selection amongst home and commercial property owners, linoleum tile flooring offer’s a wide range of benefits for any space. Learn more about this fantastic option, as well as practical applications below!

What Is Linoleum?

Crafted from biodegradable, eco-friendly materials such as cork, tree resin, and wood, linoleum is an ideal solution for property owners who are looking for pricey friendly, environmentally conscious flooring. As an extremely resilient material, linoleum is fantastic for spaces facing heavy foot traffic or that may be exposed to higher level of moisture.

The Vinyl/Linoleum Condundrum

Linoleum and vinyl are often confused by those searching for flooring options. One of the main differences to remember is that vinyl is manufactured using petroleum and other chemical to create a pre-finished product. While both are durable and easy to maintain, linoleum is ideal for eco-friendly home owners.

Advantages of Linoleum

As an incredibly versatile product, linoleum flooring is available in a wide ranges of shades and patterns. The product is also extremely flexible, so much so that it is often sold in sheets or rolls. This inherent flexibility makes installation ideal in locations where flooring is prone to moving, warping or cracking. Other benefits include:

  • Highly durable. Properly maintained linoleum can last for decades.
  • Low maintenance
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Acts as a natural sound barrier, as well as a cushioning surface for those standing over long periods of time.
  • Biodegradable
  • Ideal for families, homeowners with pets, and high traffic commercial areas.

Challenges To Keep In Mind

Like any material, linoleum has its own unique set of challenges to contend with. When considering your options, you’ll want to keep the following in mind:

  • Despite being resilient, linoleum can be dented by high heels and heavy furniture.
  • Even though linoleum is relatively moisture resistant, it is not recommended for rooms that pose an increased risk for water leakage such as bathrooms and basements.
  • Linoleum can fade over time and needs to be properly cared for to prevent premature aging.

Learn more about the benefits of linoleum as well as the many other home flooring options available by contacting Ashley Fine Floors today!

Installing and Caring for Linoleum Flooring

Ashley Fine Floors, we believe that choosing the right planks or tile is the only the first step in a perfect flooring experience. As a leader supplier and installer of flooring solutions, including linoleum, vinyl, and hardwood, within the Edmonton Capital Region, we understand just how important it is to ensure your product is properly placed. Our team of experts helps alleviate DIY stress, guarantees floor longevity, and prevents avoidable issues like warping and buckling by carefully installing your planks with the best methods available. Learn some key linoleum installation and care tips below.

Where Can You Install Linoleum?

One of the biggest benefits of linoleum is how versatile it is in terms of installation options. Capable of being installed in bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, over concrete and radiant heating, linoleum flooring is home and office friendly, as well as cost effective.

What To Do After Installation

Allow your flooring to set for at least one week before you do any wet washing or scrubbing. You’ll want to be gentle with your floors in general at this point, and should only use microfibre cloths or mops to handle any unexpected spills or moisture to avoid damaging the setting process.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Despite being durable, you should never use harsh cleaning agents on your linoleum floors. Doing so can strip away the protective seal of your tile and leave your floors vulnerable to damage.

Clean regularly

Once your floors have settled into place, adopting a regular cleaning schedule is the best way to keep them looking fresh. Fortunately, linoleum is easy to maintain. Sweep, vacuum (using a low, gentle setting), and mop once a week or as needed to prevent dirt from building up.

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Linoleum Flooring: Your Eco-Friendly Flooring Solution

Are you looking for a cost effective, stylish, and durable option for your home or commercial space? Linoleum flooring is one of the most versatile and understated options on the market. Learn more about the benefits of linoleum below!

Think Green

One of the most distinct advantages of linoleum flooring is the fact that it is made of all natural, biodegradable, materials, making it an eco-friendly product. Because it lacks certain plastics and varnishes used by other planks, you won’t need to worry about toxic or harmful particles being released into your home over time.

Long Lasting

Not only is linoleum incredibly durable day to day (can someone say pet and children friendly?), but it’s built to last. With proper care, linoleum can last far longer than vinyl products, averaging a lifespan of 20-40 years.

Low Maintenance

If you’re looking for a floor that can withstand heavy duty traffic with minimal effort, linoleum is a fantastic fit. Naturally water, scratch, stain, and warp resistant, your tiles are designed to withstand heavy demand while staying stylish. Simply sweep off any accumulating dust or debris and mop up spills as needed and you’re covered!

Cost Effective

One of the most attractive aspects of linoleum is the competitive price point, particularly if you’re looking at a large installation. Compared to luxury vinyl tile or laminate, linoleum typically comes in cheaper, even when the cost of installing is factored in.

Simple and Stylish

Think linoleum is bland and boring? Think again! Linoleum has plenty of versatile styles to choose from, allowing you to enjoy all of the benefits above, along with a fantastic visual compliment.

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Summer Linoleum Installation Tips

With Summer on the way, families are more active than ever, eager to get out and enjoy every moment in the sun! More activity outdoors means the increased potential for dirt to track indoors. If you have linoleum floors, or are considering installing them knowing how to maintain their natural lustre is a must. Fortunately for those of us constantly on the go, your upkeep routine is quick and easy. Find out how to keep your linoleum looking its best below!

A Word On New Installations

If you’re looking to care for your newly installed floors, you’ll want to give your linoleum at least one week to properly set before your introduce any wet washing or scrubbing. If you need to spot clean or mop up spills, do so promptly and use gentle microfibre cloths to remove as much moisture as possible without disturbing the setting process.

Regular Maintenance

Once your floors have properly settled into place, your new cleaning routine is quite easy to implement. Follow these quick tips to get started.

Remove Dirt and Debris Often

While linoleum is very durable and fairly forgiving, it’s best to remove any dirt, grime, mud, or other visible contaminants  swiftly to avoid build up, as well as the potential for stains or scratches. Try to sweep, vacuum (on a gentle setting!), dust mop once a week or as needed to keep your floors clear.

Be On Guard For Spills

Spills and leaks happen, we’ve all been there. Your linoleum should be resistant to liquid, but that still doesn’t mean its a good idea to leave any damp spots unattended. Be diligent with spills, blotting them up with soft paper towels or microfibre as quickly as possible to help maintain your seal and prevent water damage from occurring.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

If your linoleum is getting on the older side, it may be tempting to introduce some stronger cleaning agents to your routine to try and get rid of stains or duller areas. Harsh chemicals often have the opposite effect than desired, stripping away the protective elements of the tile and leaving your floors more vulnerable to outside factors.

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