Exploring The Pros and Cons of Groutable Vinyl Tile

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Tile Flooring

With the demand for vinyl tile growing to be bigger than ever, more and more homeowners are choosing to feature vinyl within bathrooms, utility rooms, and other areas of the home that commonly face challenges when it comes to finding a viable flooring solution. Groutable vinyl tile stands up to the challenges of moisture, as well as wear and tear in both commercial and residential properties. If you’re considering adding vinyl tile to your property, below is a list of pros and cons to help eliminate any confusion.


It’s no secret that vinyl tile comes from a wide variety of benefits that extend beyond its low cost and wide range of styles. As a favourite on the market right now, below are many of the pros that lead homeowners to choose groutable vinyl tile:

Easy To Install

Compared to other products, vinyl tile is relatively easy to install. Those wishing to grout their tile may do so immediately after installation, without needing to wait for thin set mortar to dry.

Shaping Vinyl Tile is Simple

Rather than requiring a tile cutter or wet saw to shape your vinyl, you can use a utility knife or kitchen shears to grout your tile.

Vinyl Tile Can Be Laid Over Existing Tile

This saves the time and hassle of removing old flooring provided it is clean and in good condition.

Vinyl Tile Is Easy To Care For

For those with little time to clean and maintain, vinyl is ideal. Remove dust and dirt with a broom and damp mop to clean spills or sticky spots.

Durable And Comfortable

Vinyl is incredibly durable. In addition, the softer nature of the surface makes it comfortable underfoot and warm during cooler seasons.


May Cost More Than Anticipated

Though Vinyl tile is still considerably cheaper than hardwood or stone, the highest end products may cost a little more than you expect outright.

Hard To Adjust Once Placed

The self-adhesive backing on groutable vinyl tile is hard to adjust once it is laid, meaning proper installation the first time around is vital.

Applying Grouting Requires Additional Effort When Installing

While adding grouting to your tiles is not difficult, it can require extra consideration when installing.

Vinyl’s Edges Can Begin To Lift

Avoiding the exposure to moisture during installation will help to mitigate this issue.

Grout Between Tile Can Crack

Flexible grouting with polymer additives can help reduce the potential for this kind of trouble.

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