Finishing Your Basement: Flooring Tips to Follow

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Flooring General

Looking to finish your basement? Not sure where to start? Ashley Fine Floors can help! Basement renovations are one of the most common areas of the home that owners choose to renovate when looking for ways to add value to their property. Choosing the best flooring can be tricky, but with some careful consideration, you’ll be able to find the right foundation in no time. Check the key hazards you need to be aware of, as well as a few flooring recommendations below.

Basement Challenges

Because of their location underground, basements face unique challenges when it comes to choosing your flooring. Failing to take the environment into account can result in costly damages, and potentially even present a health risk to those living in the home. Prevent this by keeping these major factors in mind:

Exposure to Moisture

Basements are typically subject to a damper environment than rooms located above ground. They are also one of the most areas when it comes to climate related damages, particularly flooding. As a result, you’ll want to choose flooring that is resistant to moisture, ideally with a vapour barrier or waterproof backing to prevent liquids from soaking in.

Mould and Mildew

Much like their vulnerability to moisture, many basements are at risk for the development of mould and mildew, especially because they tend to be naturally cooler. Lower temperatures, less opportunity for circulating air, and oftentimes less foot traffic, mean that the wrong flooring can lead to a high risk of mould growth if there is an unseen spill or leak. Left undetected, this can have serious health implications for you and your family.

Tip: opt for a flooring choice that isn’t glued down and that “floats” above a moisture barrier to give yourself an extra layer of protection.

Temperature Shifts

With a general lack of natural sunlight available, basements tend to be cooler than other areas of the home year round. Seasonal temperature shifts can have a larger impact on your foundation as a whole. Choosing a flooring option that is flexible and isn’t at risk of cracking or warping during temperature fluctuations is a wise investment.

Work With Your Foundations

For those working with a previously unfinished basement, there’s a chance your foundation isn’t entirely level. Any dips, cracks, or other structural challenges will need to be accounted for when selecting your flooring option to ensure that your installation lasts in the long-term.

How to Choose the Best Option

Every basement is different, meaning that there’s no one flooring option that’s the perfect fit for every renovation. Meeting with qualified flooring professionals will help narrow down your selection to materials that work best for your home. As a general rule of thumb, shy away from from hardwood flooring (despite the style points, it is extremely vulnerable to water and thus not the best fit), and look to the following options:

At Ashely Fine Floors, we carry a wide selection of basement-friendly flooring options for you to choose from, all without sacrificing function or style. To learn what works best for your home, contact our team today!