Hardwood floors have become one of the most prized features on the home renovation market. Hardwood installation is a fantastic investment for owners looking to increase property value, as well as those looking to add a timeless aesthetic to their home. The wood used is natural and recyclable, making it environmentally friendly too! From Birch to Parquet, we have the best hardwood available for all your flooring needs!

Why Choose Hardwood Flooring in Edmonton?

Common reasons people choose hardwood flooring include:

    • Versatility: The variety of installation methods (glue, click, nail and staple) means hardwood can be properly installed on every level of your home, including basements and second levels.
    • Elegance: Properly finished hardwood floors add beauty and style to rooms.
    • Value: Hardwood can be refinished, making it long-lasting and a valuable addition to the home. Many home buyers actively seek out hardwood floors as part of their must-have list.

    Hardwood Styles

    Hardwood comes in two types of planks: solid or engineered (note: this is not the same as laminate flooring). Solid hardwood is ideal for residential and commercial main floor applications and include the following options:

    • Maple – light brown with visible grain
    • Birch – light brown with visible grain
    • Softwood – pine, hemlock and fir are used to create a cozy, less formal feel
    • Ash – a very hard wood ideal for high traffic and commercial applications
    • Oak – brown with a very visible, dark grain
    • Walnut – brown that lightens up with age
    • Cherry – brown with red tinge that darkens with age
    • Parquet – hardwood is used to create a tile pattern or geometric shapes

    Our Trusted Hardwood Suppliers

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