Get the Best Without Spending the Most With Luxury Vinyl Tile

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Flooring General, Luxury Vinyl Tile

The high cost of renovating your home can be stressful. Dealing with expensive additions can make your dream home feel out of reach. But your floors don’t have to be a huge strain on your wallet. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is an alternative to more costly flooring styles. Luxury vinyl tile looks just as refined as ceramic, hardwood or stone floors, but comes with a much more affordable price tag that is irresistible to homeowners everywhere.

Curious about this stylish and affordable tiling option? Check out the info below to see why luxury vinyl tile is the perfect flooring solution for you!


Why not save money and get the best of the best when renovating your home? Luxury vinyl tile gives you access to a more upscale look that works within your budget. If you need to put money towards other parts of your home and don’t want to spend cash on expensive flooring, luxury vinyl tile is a great way to keep your money in your pocket and your floors looking fabulous.

Luxury vinyl tile is an excellent substitute for hardwood, ceramic or stone flooring since it convincingly recreates the look of these floors. The big difference is that you can transform your floors with luxury vinyl tile without emptying your pocket.

Installing luxury vinyl tile means that you can spend more on other parts of your home that may cost a bit more than you first thought. Or investing in luxury vinyl tile could mean that you get to keep a bit more cash in your pocket, which is always a plus!

Easy to Apply

If you like to take on DIY projects, luxury vinyl tile is the perfect project for you. These tiles are easy to cut, simple to install, and can be styled according to whatever pattern you’d like. With luxury vinyl tile, you can cut costs by installing your tiles yourself and turning the experience into a fun home project.

Luxury vinyl tile is a great way to inject some excitement into your space and make it truly your own without having to break a sweat.


Luxury vinyl tile is a perfect blend of beautiful and long-lasting. Its durability makes this tile a great option for high-traffic areas and any areas that may encounter spills. Dealing with snowy winters may not always be a breeze, but with luxury vinyl tiles, you get a highly water-resistant floor that remains undamaged by moisture from your boots.

Easy to Clean

These days no one has time to be cleaning their home constantly. If you’re worried about keeping these tiles looking polished, you will be happy to hear that a quick sweeping or mopping should do the trick with these easy-to-clean tiles.

Having to switch out your flooring can be a huge hassle, so choose the tiles that will stay looking brand new without constant maintenance. With luxury vinyl tiles, your home will look and stay fabulous.

Ashley Fine Floors is proud to carry Luxury Vinyl Tile. Come check out this affordable and stylish tile option today by visiting us at our Ashley Fine Floors showroom. Our consultants are here to listen to your needs and get you the perfect luxury vinyl tile for your home!