How To Care For Your Tile Floors

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Flooring General, Home Tips, Tile Flooring

Have you joined the ranks of the many homeowners adding floor tiles to your home? These days, tile flooring has become an increasingly popular option due to the wide variety of selection available at cost-effective prices. In addition to plenty of styles to choose from, tile floors are also incredibly easy to maintain, giving you a long lifespan that keeps your home looking gorgeous. Below, we’ll cover some basic tips and tricks to keep in mind when maintaining your floors from right after installation right through to the distant future. Read on to learn more!

Day One Care

Your brand new floors are in place, your room(s) looks stunning, and best of all, installation was a breeze. Now what? While it might be tempting to give your tile a quick wash down, it’s imperative to the setting process that you leave your floors alone for 2-4 days before introducing any additional liquids. Should you need to clean up any sudden spills during this timeframe (we advise trying to use the room minimally during the settling process, if possible), use excess caution and remove moisture right away. Once everything has settled and is secured into place, you can set about implementing a cleaning routine for the future.

No Harsh Chemicals Needed

Once your tiles have set, one of the best ways to prolong the life of your flooring is to carefully choose what kind of liquids you clean with. Warm water is by far the superior choice as it does not contain any abrasive chemicals and can handle the majority of spills and build-up when used promptly. Should you miss a spot and require something with a little more elbow grease, take care to stick to gentle, neutral PH based cleaners that clearly identify that they are tile floor friendly. This will help you avoid the mistake of stripping the valuable protective layer from your tiles and causing premature damage.

Stay On Top Of Dirt and Grit

Left to accumulate and spread, dirt and grit can do a number on any type of flooring. Stay on top of build-up by routinely sweeping or vacuuming, especially prior to moping. This will help to avoid accidental scratches on the surface of your tiles and help them keep looking spotless all year-round

Don’t Let Spills Linger

While tile flooring is resistant to liquids and moisture, it’s still a best practice to spot clean messes as they happen to prevent stains, warping and premature damage to the protective layer of your flooring. Keeping a microfibre cloth or mop on hand will make it easy to treat spills as they happen, prolonging the life and lustre of your floors in the process.

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