How to Prepare for Carpet Installation

by | Apr 27, 2022 | Carpet, Flooring General

After selecting your carpet from the store, you’re probably waiting for your new gorgeous flooring to be installed and wondering how to prepare your home for installation. Not to worry, we’ve combined a checklist below to help prepare for your carpet installation and obtain fantastic results.

Clean Up Driveway 

The carpet installers will drive up to your house in a truck, carry heavy carpets up the driveway and walk to designated areas where your carpet will be installed. For a smooth installation process, make sure your driveway is cleared up without any obstacles. Laying down tarping on the floors that will not be carpeted is also a great way to protect your existing flooring as the installers move in and out of your house.

Move The Furniture

Before your project, ask your carpet installers whether they will be able to help you move your furniture. In some cases, carpet stores may include the cost of moving furniture in your quote, so it is best to ask upfront to be fully prepared. If you have to move the furniture yourself, make sure you move all the furniture in the room and ensure it is ready for quick installation.

Disconnect Gas Appliances and Electronics

Some rooms like kitchens, laundry rooms and basements have gas appliances and larger electronics that must be disconnected before carpet installation. You can either disconnect the devices yourself or arrange for a professional to do so.

Clean Our Closets

Most homeowners forget that carpet is installed in all rooms and closets during hectic home projects. Ensure that all your closets are cleaned out and easily accessible for your installers.

Clean All Floors

To minimize the dust, mould and mildew possibility of your new carpets, clean all your floors thoroughly. No matter what type of flooring you will have installed, clean subfloors will help decrease future problems.

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