Installing and Caring for Linoleum Flooring

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Linoleum Flooring

Ashley Fine Floors, we believe that choosing the right planks or tile is the only the first step in a perfect flooring experience. As a leader supplier and installer of flooring solutions, including linoleum, vinyl, and hardwood, within the Edmonton Capital Region, we understand just how important it is to ensure your product is properly placed. Our team of experts helps alleviate DIY stress, guarantees floor longevity, and prevents avoidable issues like warping and buckling by carefully installing your planks with the best methods available. Learn some key linoleum installation and care tips below.

Where Can You Install Linoleum?

One of the biggest benefits of linoleum is how versatile it is in terms of installation options. Capable of being installed in bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements, over concrete and radiant heating, linoleum flooring is home and office friendly, as well as cost effective.

What To Do After Installation

Allow your flooring to set for at least one week before you do any wet washing or scrubbing. You’ll want to be gentle with your floors in general at this point, and should only use microfibre cloths or mops to handle any unexpected spills or moisture to avoid damaging the setting process.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

Despite being durable, you should never use harsh cleaning agents on your linoleum floors. Doing so can strip away the protective seal of your tile and leave your floors vulnerable to damage.

Clean regularly

Once your floors have settled into place, adopting a regular cleaning schedule is the best way to keep them looking fresh. Fortunately, linoleum is easy to maintain. Sweep, vacuum (using a low, gentle setting), and mop once a week or as needed to prevent dirt from building up.

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