Is It Time To Carpet?

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Carpet, Flooring General, Home Tips

Are you refurbishing your floors? Or looking for the optimal flooring to suit your aesthetic? Or maybe you’ve experienced one of the worst winters in Edmonton, and you’re looking to further insulate your home. All of the questions above usually result in; carpeting. Installing carpets is excellent for staying warm and goes well with any home and office design, but is it the right choice for you?

Take a look at our pro/con list below to determine whether or not carpeting is the way to go.


1. Luxury And Style

Carpets always give off a luxurious and elegant feel to any design. Your home or office’s aesthetic is purely determined by the colour, the texture and the feel. Installing carpet flooring will help you maintain that luxury look and stylish design you’re hoping for.

2. Insulation

Alberta’s winter of 2021 was unexpected, particularly Edmonton’s winter. We experienced extremely low temperatures, the lowest being -45ºC, for two whole months! Having carpeted floors is the best insulating flooring during these cold waves. Carpets trap in the heat, and the cold does not affect the fabric. You can walk around with slippers, socks or even bare feet and not feel the chill creeping up your legs.

3. Safety

Carpets cushion the blow. It is an excellent option for households with the elderly, kids or teenagers. Experiencing a fall on a carpet is ten times better than falling on hardwood floors or LVT. The fibres absorb the shock of any fall, and it feels like a soft cushion underneath you. It is the safest option to minimize bone-breaking accidents at home. Check out more reasons why you might need a carpet for your home here.


1. Stains and Maintenance

Maintaining a carpet can be a headache. Let’s say you’ve accidentally dropped an entire plate of spaghetti with red sauce on your carpet; cleaning it up would be a hassle. You would have to choose the right cleaning product, the correct sponge, scrub out the stain numerous times and THEN vacuum the carpet to make sure you got all the crumbs out. The cleaning process would probably take you an entire day! In contrast, you would simply use a broom and a quick mop with hardwood floors or LVT to clean up the mess. Check out our guide on how to remove carpet stains.

2. Dust and Allergies

Cats, dogs, shoes, everything leaves a trail behind on your carpet. Unfortunately, some of those trails could cause allergies to you or a member. The fibres trap dust and grains that are not visible to the naked eye. You could be walking around with puffy eyes, flared nostrils and a non-stop sneeze, unaware that your carpet might be the reason behind your allergies.

Unfortunately, you cannot simply dust off the carpet; you have to make sure that every nook and cranny around the ENTIRE house is thoroughly vacuumed to remove any particle that could be causing the allergies to flare up. You can learn more about how to prevent dirt and grim here.

3. Odours

Cleaning the carpet is possible, but does it remove everything? Even the smell left behind? Probably not. Since most carpets are made from synthetic wool, odour easily sticks onto the fibres, and it’s not an easy job getting rid of smells. Not only will you have to wash the carpet, but deep wash to make sure that no odours are left behind. It is quite challenging to do the job independently, so you would have to hire an expert with special cleaning tools to get rid of the odours.

Is It Carpet Time?

Call our team, and we can help you start your carpet journey. You can also check out our fabulous collection in our showroom! If you’re looking for an alternative for carpets, take a look at our Luxury Vinyl Tile collection.