Knock On Wood: How to Prevent Summer Damage to Your Hardwood

by | Jul 13, 2021 | Flooring General, Hardwood, Home Tips

Did you know that summer can be one of the trickiest months to care for your hardwood floors? While winter brings some obvious challenges in the form of snow and resulting water damage, summer can be just as hard on our floors thanks to hot temperatures, rainy weather, and plenty of opportunities for dirt and grime to track into the house. Hardwood floors are particularly vulnerable to damage without proper care, so it’s extra important to be vigilant to prevent against the many factors that can cause issues down the line. If you have hardwood in your home or are considering sprucing up your house with this timeless classic, below are some key dangers you’ll want to be aware of during the summer months. Read on to learn more!


Ah yes, the joys of warm, wet, hot air! While Alberta may be dryer than other parts of the country during the summer, it’s still important to be aware that particularly humid weeks (or even months, depending on the weather), can pose a risk to your hardwood floors. The risk, in part, comes from the fact that hardwood planks naturally expand and contract in heat/cold, and excess humidity can aggravate this process causing cupping or warping in the process. If you have hardwood in an area in your home that’s particularly prone to humidity build-up, you may want to consider using a dehumidifier to regulate things, as well as other tools that will help you regulate the room environment to a more stable, drier, atmosphere.

Water Spills

Rain, rain, go away! Spring and summer often bring rainy days, and in the process, the danger of puddles pooling on your hardwood. Unlike laminate or vinyl, which have a built-in protective layer against water, hardwood is susceptible to damage from sitting moisture. This means that you’ll want to stay on top of any spills, track marks, and all other sources of liquid build-up inside your home.

Sand and Dirt

Spent the day down at Accidental Beach? Great! Bringing sand into your beautiful home? Not so great. Sand, dirt, gravel and other abrasive outside components can damage hardwood by wearing away at its protective finish and scratching your planks. Consider putting mats at the entryway to your home, as well as any rooms with vulnerable flooring. Not only will this help your hardwood stay looking its best, but it will also prevent overall dirt build-up throughout your home! If you do happen to track some inside, gently sweep and vacuum ASAP.

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