Minimize Floor Installation Headaches With Ashley Fine Floors

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Design Tips, Flooring General

Finally ready to pull the trigger and upgrade your home’s flooring? Installing new planks or tiles can be a fantastic way to refresh your space, add value, and deal with pesky issues that have made your home less comfortable and unsafe over the years. While it can be tempting to consider DIY options for tiles or planks, many homeowners find that partnering with a skilled installer ultimately saves them time, frustration, and even money in the long run. At Ashley Fine Floors, we’re proud to offer our customers access to full-scale solutions, including installation that guarantees your floors are laid perfectly the first time. Below, we’ll explore some of the reasons to consider professionals installation with a team like Ashley. Read on to learn more!

Experience Leads To Quality

Simply put, even the most experienced of DIY’ers can have difficulty laying floor tiles and planks. Proper installation involves taking a wide variety like ground levelling, moisture levels, flooring materials and more into consideration. Without the right tools and exact know-how under your belt, you can risk improper placement leading to cracks, warps, and other forms of premature damage. Working with a professional helps to eliminate these risks and leads to results you can count on, every single time.

Fewer Headaches

As with above, working with a skilled team means that you’ll have much less to worry about, including measuring, cutting, gluing, laying and all of the other elements involved in the installation. Most DIY’ers quickly find that the various steps and aspects required can take a lot more time (more on that below) and effort than expected, which can often lead to homeowners feeling frustrated and overwhelmed as the project progresses.

Protect Your New Floors

New flooring is an investment that should be protected. Whether you’re installing something as simple as tiling or as ornate as hardwood floors, proper installation will ensure your results last as long as possible. Qualified installers will know all the tips and tricks to avoid common mishaps and errors that can lead to costly reinstalls and more.

Faster Installation

Finally, professional installation can greatly cut down on the time it takes to properly lay everything, which makes it a solid choice for those looking to minimize downtime and get back to normal life as soon as possible. This is particularly valuable from a commercial standpoint as it allows owners to focus on running their business with minimal disruption to daily operations as well.

Ashley Fine Floors: Your Source For Flooring Solutions

For over 25 years, Ashley Fine Floors has been Edmonton’s premier source for flooring solutions. With a gorgeous showroom located in Northwest Edmonton featuring a fantastic selection that includes the top brands in the industry, as well as leading Canadian brands like Mercier, Beaulieu and more. For more information installing tile, carpets, hardwood flooring and all other flooring options, contact our team today!