Office Flooring Installation in Edmonton

by | Apr 19, 2022 | Commercial Flooring

When planning office renovations, you should consider the form and function of your flooring materials. Each room in your office has a different function and installing a standard flooring option likely won’t work for the whole office.

To select the best material for your commercial flooring, you need to evaluate every room and choose materials that match the function of that space. Learn how to align your flooring choice with the function of the rooms in your office space below.

1. Reception Area

The first thing customers, new employees and stakeholders will see is the lobby/reception area. The flooring you choose must not only make an excellent first impression, but it should also be able to withstand a high level of foot traffic with minimal visible wear and tear. The following options are both durable and stylish to be used in your reception area:

2. Office Spaces and Break Rooms

The most prominent problems with office spaces and break rooms are excessive noise and heavy foot traffic. The flooring you select should be able to absorb excess background noise and withstand high levels of foot traffic. Make sure the flooring you choose also matches the design of your facility, is low on maintenance costs and can quickly be repaired. A couple of options suitable for office spaces are:

3. Conference Rooms

To be able to hold important meetings with potential employees or customers, you will need a flooring selection that makes a good impression. With lower levels of foot traffic, you can focus on the aesthetic and design of your conference floors. The following options you can consider are:

Renovating your office space might be overwhelming initially, but with the proper planning and material, you will get the job done in no time. Experts at Ashley Fine Floors will help you determine the best flooring option for your commercial space that suits your budget and aesthetic. Visit our showroom in Edmonton today and start your renovations!