Reasons You Should Consider Carpet For Your Space

by | May 13, 2021 | Carpet, Flooring General, Home Tips

Is 2021 your year for home renovations? If you’re ready to take the plunge and create the dream space you’ve always wanted, Ashely Fine Floors is here to help you find the perfect foundation with flooring. With a vast inventory of products including plenty of carpeting, tile, hardwood, and vinyl all ready to go, we’ve got your flooring needs covered. Learn more about one of this year’s emerging trends, carpeted floors, below!

Comeback Kid

It’s been quite some time since carpet has been this popular, but if you’ve had the chance to look through any of this year’s interior design features, you’ve no doubt noticed that carpets are in high demand for spaces of all kinds. While the extremely thick carpeting of yesteryear remains in the past, modern styles give you plenty of patterns, colours and piles to choose from, making it easy to find a custom fit for your home. Cut, loop, and combination piles all have their unique perks to consider, and with a little TLC, it’s easy to keep your carpets looking their best, all year round! Perks to furnishing your home with carpets include:


It’s no secret that one of the best parts about putting carpet in your home is that it instantly adds warmth and comfort to any space. If you’re tired of dashing across freezing cold floors every morning, your toes will find reprieve in the plush comfort of an ultra-soft carpet that also acts as a natural shock absorber for joints, keeping your feet happy, day after day.

Sound Dampening

Whether you’re looking to outfit your movie room with something that helps to prevent sound from travelling through or to add a sound barrier between upstairs and downstairs rental units, you’ll be amazed at how much of a difference carpet can make, especially if you add padding underneath.

A Soft Place to Land

While it’s an aspect that’s often neglected when it comes to deciding on flooring, it’s worthwhile to mention that carpet actually plays a big role in helping to keep your home safe in ways you might not expect. As a much softer surface to land on, carpet is a good fit for parents wanting to protect their toddlers who are prone to falling, as well as seniors who need a softer surface to tread on.

Endless Styles to Choose From

Finally, if you’re worried that carpets might crimp your style, you can breathe easy! Canadian brands like Beaulieu produce style lines with incredible options, giving you no shortage of patterns, cuts, and colours to choose from!

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