Your fantastic flooring experience doesn’t end in the showroom. Our in-house installation team works with you to ensure proper installation of your flooring to alleviate stress, increase product longevity, and help prevent damage from warping, buckling, cracking, and more.

For those that prefer a DIY installation, we can help! The experts at Ashley Fine Floors can prepare you for a hands-on installation, providing valuable insights, tips, and necessary care instructions to make sure you’re ready to get started. Best of all, if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed in the process, we’re only a phone call away!

Not sure if you want to go it alone? Our team is here to help ensure a headache-free installation for quality you can trust. We can also work alongside contractors to accommodate your timelines and budgets. Our vast portfolio of experience provides a pain-free, flawless installation every single time.

At Ashley Fine Floors, we believe in ensuring our customers have access to top-of-the-line products and services, and our installation services are no exception. We’ve built a reputation for excellence and dedication to going the extra step in our installation projects that you can trust. Our team is like family, and we offer nothing less for our customers.


Visit our showroom

Pick out your products

Wait for the flooring to arrive

Book an installation date (or dates, based on project size)

Enjoy your new space!

Benefits of Service


Exceptional customer care


Expert installation team


DIY project support


Quality workmanship


Timely communication

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