Signs You Need to Replace Your Carpeting

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Carpet, Flooring General, Home Tips

Carpeting is like any other part of our home or building – sometimes it just needs a bit of extra scrubbing. Other times, it could be a matter of replacing the old with the new. Whether it’s the issue of outdated carpets or a stain that refuses to budge, replacing your old carpeting is an essential part of your home or building’s upkeep. Here are a few ways to know when it’s time to bring new and improved carpeting to your home or building.

Persistent Odours

Do you feel your nose scrunch up every time you enter your home or building? Is there a strange smell that refuses to leave even after a professional cleaning? Well, that is a major sign that it is time to replace your carpeting.

Sometimes smells can come from a simple spill, and when that’s the case, cleaning your carpet using a standard carpet cleaner is probably the best bet. But that’s not always the situation. Sometimes, those persistent smells mean that our carpeting has a certain amount of buildup that no professional cleaning can resolve. To get back to that fresh smell that we all want, it may be a good idea to look into new carpeting for your space.

Wear and Tear

Usually, carpets that need to be replaced will look like they need to be replaced. That means that signs of wear and tear, such as torn carpet or carpet that looks like it is becoming frayed or flattened, let you know when it’s time for a much-needed revamping. If your carpeting is looking a bit run down and damaged, make sure you look into replacing it with carpeting that better reflects your home or building. A sleek, new carpet will elevate your space and give your home or building the look that it once had, only better!

Stubborn Stains

Keeping a clean and odourless carpet can be as easy as applying standard detergents and running a vacuum here and there. But when these typical cleaning options are not working for you, it is a sure sign that your carpet has overstayed its welcome.

Carpets can only hold so much until they begin to show signs that they need to be replaced. One of those signs is the appearance of stains that cannot be removed. These stains may be a sign of mould that has grown into the carpet, which can be dangerous. Instead of trying different ways of getting that stain out, it may be a better use of your time to consider other carpeting options for your space.

Style Upgrade

Your carpet represents your taste, like how paint or furniture in a room makes a statement. Your carpet should also reflect the style and aesthetic that you want. Make sure that your carpet feels like an addition to your space by keeping it updated to work with your evolving vision for your building or home. New carpeting may be what you need if you feel uninspired by your old carpet and are looking for a change.

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