Spring Cleaning Your Carpets: How To Prevent Dirt and Grim From Taking Over

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Carpet, Flooring General, Home Tips

Spring is just around the corner! Are your carpets ready? With warmer weather on the way and the snow finally beginning to melt, homeowners across Alberta are facing a familiar challenge when it comes to keeping their carpets clean. Mud, dust, and debris all pose as unique seasonal culprits that can quickly deteriorate the condition of your floors without the proper care in place. Learn how you can avoid stains, water damage, and other springtime carpet mishaps by following our quick tips below!

Know What You’re Up Against

As any Albertan will know, the seasonal shifts that we face each year each come with their own distinct challenges when it comes to caring for our homes. Spring can be particularly volatile due to the switch over from months of freezing cold weather and the resulting thaw as temperatures begin to rise. The resulting changes to the landscape present multiple dangers to the condition of your carpets, including:

Mud and Grime

As months of snow that had built up begin to melt, streets, sidewalks, parking lots and everywhere in between become ladder with mud and dirt. While it can be nearly impossible to avoid walking through it, you can prevent mud from entering your home by placing mats at entrance points, always removing your shoes, and regularly vacuuming to catch any grit that may have found a way in otherwise.


Moisture can present a significant hazard to any flooring, with carpets being especially vulnerable if exposed for long periods of time. Forgetting to remove boots when going in and out of the home, dropping rain-soaked umbrellas on the floor, and other little moments in between can quickly add up as your carpets underside absorbs any stray drops of moisture you bring into the home. Over time this can lead to carpet rot along with dangerous mould spores spreading throughout the home.

To avoid this, you’ll want to be extra diligent during the spring to stay on top of moisture control, especially if you have pets or little ones in the home. Act on any wet spots you see promptly and use towels to blot up any spills and remove excess liquid as quickly as possible.

Grit and Debris

When nature begins to spring back to life it’s easy to find your home covered in sand, pollen, and dirt, even with your best efforts to avoid the buildup. Avoid the introduction of allergens into your space, as well as the build-up of dirt in your carpets by removing your shoes, having mats at all entrances, and vacuuming regularly.

Keeping your carpets clean during the spring can feel like a challenge, but with a little TLC and a plan in place, you can keep your floors looking their best all year round.

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