Style for Days! Transform Your Home with Luxury Vinyl Tile!

by | Jul 20, 2021 | Flooring General, Luxury Vinyl Tile

Are you in the middle of a home renovation and hunting for the perfect flooring option to serve as your finishing touch? Luxury Vinyl Tile is an ideal fit for just about every area of the home, including those hard to deal with rooms that have excess moisture like bathrooms, the basement, and the kitchen. As an affordable and effortlessly stylish option, LVT has become one of the most popular flooring solutions on the market and offers homeowners a cost-effective way to create the space of their dreams. If you need a flooring pick that can stand up to moisture and more, read on to learn why you need to consider vinyl planks for your home!

Water Resistant Wonder

As we mentioned above, one of the best perks of LVT is the fact that it is water-resistant. While you’ll pretty hard-pressed to find flooring that’s 100% waterproof, water-resistant floors like tiles are a great fit for homes that have lots of kids or animals on the go, as well as for areas where moisture is a more present danger. LVT gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you have an extra level of protection against moisture madness, but it’s important to remember that prevention and quick treatment are always the best defence against water damage.

Built to Last

Besides being highly water-resistant, luxury vinyl tile is extremely durable and has a long lifecycle that gives you a superior return on your investment. This means that you can count on it to stand up to high traffic use, even if you choose to install it in a business or commercial environment. Better yet, the softer nature of tile makes it easier on your back and joints, which is perfect if you spend lots of time cooking and washing dishes in the kitchen, or working on your new project in a workroom.

Stylish and Affordable

One of the top-selling points of LVT is the crazy amount of patterns, finishes, and colours available. If you’re looking to customize and play with colour or a specific finish, you’ll be happy to learn that vinyl tile is able to mimic high-end products like hardwood, stone, ceramic and more without the weight or cost, making it ideal for bringing your aesthetic vision to life under budget! For all the creative minds and stylists out there, there’s no better fit for your home than LVT!

Edmonton’s Source For Luxury Vinyl Tile

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