Three Common Flooring Issues With Laminate & How To Fix it

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Laminate Flooring

If you’ve installed laminate flooring in your home, you’ve likely already experienced the many benefits this wonderful option has to offer. As an incredibly versatile flooring selection, laminate is available in a wide variety of styles, is incredibly durable, and is easy to maintain. Without proper care, however, laminate can encounter a few issues that need to be addressed. Below, we’ll explore 3 common problems that may affect your laminate, as well as a few tips and tricks to deal with each. Read on to learn more!

1. Peaking

Peaking occurs when floorboards push up against each other along the seams, forming a bump or “peak” in the middle. Peaking typically happens when floorboards don’t have enough room to expand or contract, as often happens with changing temperatures throughout the seasons. To find where the underlying issues are originating from, you’ll need to follow the peaking boards to the nearest wall and check for gaps between the boards and the wall, as well as inspect mouldings for any nails or glue that may have attached themselves to your laminate. Should the latter be the case, you’ll need to remove it, and if there isn’t enough space, you’ll need to create some by removing moulding to grant room for the boards to expand as needed.

Once these changes have been made, you can address the existing peak by gently placing a heavy object over the affected area until the floorboards settle back into proper placement.

2. Creaking

While creaking floorboards might be normal for older homes, no one wants their brand new laminate to whine and complain with each step you take. While there are many culprits that can lead to creaking, oftentimes the main aggravator comes down to poor installation practices, especially in areas where the foundation may be uneven. If you’re dealing creaking floors you can’t seem to find the cause, it’s best to talk directly to an installation and inspection team. This will ensure you find the exact cause, as well as the right remedy for your specific needs.

3. Warping

Warping or buckling can be a common issue in homes due to moisture exposure during seasonal transitions, issues caused by standing water, and more. Warped boards will typically be quite easy to spot, and fortunately enough, if you spot the issue early on, you can usually prevent it from spreading. Damaged boards will need to be replaced, but before you go ahead, you’ll want to find the source of your initial damage. Inspect the area for any plumbing issues, sources of standing water, humidity factors, and any other elements that could contribute to recurring issues.

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