Tips To Help You Choose The Right Vinyl Flooring

by | Jun 22, 2022 | Flooring General, Home Tips, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Vinyl Plank

Shopping for flooring in Edmonton might be a bit confusing for homeowners due to the fluctuating weather temperatures in Alberta. With freezing winters and blazing hot summers, vinyl tiles or planks have grown in popularity as they are durable and stable options that don’t expand or shrink with the change of the weather.

Vinyl flooring is an affordable option for homeowners to install flooring that looks like stone, ceramic or even hardwood. When selecting the colour and pattern of vinyl flooring, you should choose it according to the space in your home.  We have created a flooring checklist below to help you choose the right vinyl flooring for your home.

Choose The Colour and Pattern According to the Space

If you’re installing vinyl flooring in areas with high foot traffic, such as the foyer, kitchen or living room, it’s best to go with darker tiles as they can don’t display dirt, dust or scratches as lighter colours do. There are also a few vinyl options that look like they’re naturally stained, so any accidental stains can easily camouflage with the existing flooring. Vinyl flooring is also an excellent option for areas prone to moisture, like kitchens and toilets, as the flooring is moisture resistant. A simple cloth or mop can easily clean the flooring without leaving any damage behind.

Visualize The Flooring

It’s important to visualize what vinyl flooring will look like in your space before purchasing it, which is why Ashley Fine Floors has developed the Room Visualizer. This widget can help you virtually visualize the vinyl of your choice in your space. All you have to do is pick a product and snap a photo, and the flooring will appear on your screen! The Room Visualizer is a terrific tool as you can see in real-time if the flooring you chose suits your aesthetic or not.

Sample The Vinyl

Once you’ve set your heart on a few options, the next step is to go to Ashley Fine Floors and discover the different textures of vinyl flooring. Some vinyl flooring can be thicker than others, depending on the brand. You can even request a few samples for free to match them with your home’s style.

Measure The Space

After deciding which flooring is best suited for your home, you will need to carefully measure the space in order to figure out how many tiles or planks you’ll need. Rather than measuring at home and worrying about incorrect figures, Ashley Fine Floors proudly offers an in-home estimate to help you determine the amount of product you need for your space.

Hire Professionals

Vinyl flooring is best known for being a DIY job as tiles and planks are easy to assemble and install; however, for better results, we recommend hiring professionals. Professional installation will eliminate the risk of long-term damage and increase the longevity of your flooring.

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