Types of Commercial Flooring

by | Mar 21, 2023 | Commercial Flooring, Flooring General

Considering the vast space in office buildings, commercial flooring can get very expensive as property owners factor in the price of the flooring, installation and maintenance. When it comes to choosing the right flooring for your space, hardwood and luxury vinyl flooring are quite popular in homes, but are they the best choice for your workplace? Let’s explore the different types of commercial flooring available and discover which one fits the bill!

Commercial Flooring Options

Generally, there are three main types of commercial flooring – hardwood, carpet and luxury vinyl flooring.

Businesses that offer high-end services or products often expect customers to opt for commercial hardwood flooring. This luxurious option is not only extremely durable, but it’s also highly resistant to scrapes and scratches.

An affordable alternative to hardwood is engineered hardwood flooring, which offers the same look and feel as solid hardwood flooring at a much lower price point.

Medical facilities, restaurants and sports facilities often choose luxury vinyl flooring as it’s engineered to withstand heavy foot traffic, is an affordable alternative to hardwood and is highly water resistant.

For those looking for an affordable and long-lasting flooring option, commercial carpet flooring wins hands-down. It’s great in classrooms, retail spaces and offices and helps with sound absorption in busy spaces.

Commercial Carpet Features 

The differences in commercial carpet flooring come down to the type of material they’re made from. Each type of carpeting has its pros and cons, so it’s important to consider the following features when choosing commercial carpet flooring:

  • Fire resistance
  • Durability
  • Allergy considerations
  • Ease of stain removal
  • Length of installation
  • Cost

Commercial Carpet Options

  • Wool Fiber Carpet

Wool carpets are often found in office spaces as they’re very durable and have a natural resistance to stains and dirt. They are known to be long-lasting, even with years of heavy foot traffic and cleaning. Wool is also an eco-friendly material that has minimal impact on the environment and releases very few volatile organic compounds. While wool carpets are very comfortable and provide a luxurious look to any office space, pure wool carpets are expensive. If not cared for properly or maintained regularly, wool carpets are prone to fade.

  • Wool Blend Carpet

Since 100% wool carpets are expensive, many businesses choose to install wool blends instead. The most common synthetic materials used to blend wool carpets are nylon and polyester. Wool blend carpets are a great option for businesses as they are much more affordable than pure wool carpets and retain some of their great qualities, such as comfort and stain resistance. Unlike wool carpets, wool blend carpets are much easier to maintain, making them a pragmatic choice for busy workplaces.

Note: Different wool blends vary in characteristics, so it’s crucial to research them and find the right one for your business.

  • Synthetic Carpet Fibers

Synthetic carpet fibres are usually manufactured from olefin, nylon or polyester.

    • Olefin carpets are common in office spaces as they’re relatively inexpensive and highly stain resistant. However, olefin is not as durable as nylon or polyester, and olefin carpets often lose their shape over time.
    • Nylon carpets are great for high foot-traffic areas and offer good stain resistance. They’re also easy to maintain and stand up well to hot water cleaning methods. With that said, nylon carpets aren’t too soft underfoot and are at a higher price point than other synthetic options.
    • Polyester carpets are made from recycled plastics, making them a great sustainable choice. The soft fibres are comfortable underfoot and offer a luxurious appearance. The downside of polyester carpets is that they have poor crush resistance, meaning they will go flat (and stay flat) after having heavy desks or chairs on them.

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