Warm Flooring Options in Edmonton

by | Aug 31, 2022 | Flooring General, Home Tips

Worried about cold feet? Fret not! Ashley Fine Floors will give you the comfort you need. Edmontonian winters can be brutal, especially when dragging in wet mud, snow and dirt. The challenge with flooring during the winter seasons is not only finding flooring that can provide warmth in your home; it’s ensuring that your floors aren’t easily damaged by moisture and dirt. Read on to learn more about the different types of flooring that will get you through the winter!


While tile flooring might seem like a far-fetched option, it is actually an excellent conductor of both heat and cold! While many homes opt for artificially heated floors, installing tile flooring over your radiation heating system will guarantee that your feet will be warm throughout extreme Edmontonian winter temperatures. Combined with a heated flooring system, tile flooring provides you more warmth than carpet would. It also has the upper hand on carpet flooring as it is effortless to clean! You won’t have to worry about dragging mud or snow into your home, as you can simply wipe it away with a mop in a matter of seconds. During the hot summer months, all you have to do to bring back the cool air in your home is switch off the heating system!


Carpets are the number one choice for all Edmontonians during the harsh winter seasons. The tightly knit fibres used in carpeting are excellent heat insulators as the thick material traps more heat than any other flooring material. Some carpeting is also installed with an underlay beneath the covering, creating more heat insulation and warming your home all winter. The fibres are great at absorbing the moisture in the air, which helps regulate the humidity within your home and decrease the dampness during cold seasons.

Laminate Flooring

For homes that experience extreme weather changes throughout the year, laminate flooring is the perfect option. During the cold winter months, the attached pad beneath the laminate floors traps the heat and provides a warm feeling in the room. However, you can always remove the underlayment beneath the floors to keep the house cool all summer long. The material used in laminate flooring does not absorb heat in the same way carpet fibres do, allowing the flooring to retain much less heat during warmer months.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

While solid hardwood flooring is known to be the go-to solution for warm flooring options, it is not as stable in high humidity environments as engineered hardwood floors. Engineered hardwood flooring does not shrink or expand during high humidity conditions and doesn’t buckle or cup over time. Instead of using a solid hardwood plank, engineered hardwood flooring is manufactured using several layers of bonded wood that withstands extremely cold and warm climates without changing its form.

Get Your Home Ready For Winter!

Visit Ashley Fine Floors’ Edmonton showroom today and discover our wide selection of flooring options suitable for winter! If you’re unsure if the flooring option is suitable for your home, use our online room visualizer to see our products in your space. Contact our team today for more information.