Ways To Keep Your Carpets Looking Fresh All Year Round

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Carpet

Are you excited to spruce up your space with brand new carpeting, but are wondering how to keep your floors looking their best? Carpet can be a wonderful addition to any home, helping space stay cozy during the winter months, offering extra insulation and sound absorption. With the right care and maintenance plan you can keep your carpets looking their best from season to season. Learn more below!

Shoes Off!

Many homeowners prefer to make their home a shoe free zone, and for good reason. Forgetting to swap from outdoor to indoor footwear can easily track in dirt, grime, moisture and other elements that are harmful to your flooring. Placing a pair of slippers at entry points can help reduce your risk of damaging your carpets, especially during the rainy or winter season.

Vacuum Regularly

Do you practice good hygiene? Think of regularly vacuuming your carpet as brushing your teeth: important for our overall health, and the best way to help prevent plaque build up. Similarly, vacuuming your carpets once to twice a week will help to ensure that sand, dirt, and other contaminants are removed before they have the chance to settle deep into your carpets and damage the fibres. Doing so also helps remove allergens from your home and contributes to a healthy environment.

Deep Clean Twice A Year

Deep cleaning your carpet will help to remove any debris and dirt that has worked its way deep into the fibre of your flooring. While it may be tempting to put cleanings off until your carpets look dirty, it’s important to stay on top regular upkeep, both for the overall longevity and sanitary condition of your floors. Ideally, you’ll want to schedule a deep clean in the fall, and again in early spring.

Don’t Let Spills Or Stains Linger

Whenever possible, stay on top of spills to prevent the chance of mould growth or staining. Remember to blot rather than rub with paper towels to avoid spreading liquids and to maximize absorption.

Always Keep An Emergency Kit

Sometimes despite our best intentions, accidents happen. Give your carpets an extra layer of protection against the unexpected by keeping the following on hand:

  • Club soda
  • Gentle carpet stain remover
  • Shaving cream
  • Hydrogen peroxide

Looking for more tips and tricks on keeping your carpets clean, as well as the best fit for your space, contact Ashley Fine Floors today!