What’s the Skinny on Luxury Vinyl Tile?

by | Oct 26, 2021 | Design Tips, Flooring General, Luxury Vinyl Tile

Are you gearing up for a springtime renovation designed to breathe new life into your home? As we approach the colder months, plenty of homeowners will use their extra time indoors to plan out the many changes they’d like to make once warmer weather returns.

When it comes to renovation planning, one of the most important, and yet often last thought of aspects is your flooring. As the foundation of your whole home, and the piece that ties both the aesthetics and comfort of your entire space together. When searching for the right fit, you need to consider the needs of your space, your preferred style as well as your budget. Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) gives you the best of all options, allowing you to create a customized space without spending more than your budget allows for. Learn more about the benefits of luxury vinyl tile below!

Incredible Style, Low Costs

It’s no secret that one of the biggest factors that influence every aspect of your renovation is cost, especially if you’re looking to renew a large area (ie an entire floor of your home). While you may be drawn to high-end items like marble, hardwood, or even stonework, oftentimes these items are simply just not in the budget.

Fortunately, for those looking to maintain their style without compromising on quality, LVT has you covered. With thousands of styles, including near-perfect dupes of hardwood and other high-end items available often at as little as half the cost, LVT is a perfect fit for any wallet!

Lots to Choose From

As we mentioned above, LVT comes in countless patterns and styles, meaning that it’s a perfect fit for almost any project. From private residences to commercial spaces, schools, offices, and everything in between, the sheer variety offered by vinyl tile ensure that you’ll always find that picture-perfect finish that’s just right for your space!


Looks are only one part of the equation when choosing the right flooring for your home, after all, no one wants to be constantly replacing a faulty product or fit. The great news is, LVT is designed to stand up to even the most demanding of lifestyles, including challenges presented by children, pets, and high traffic wear and tear. Vinyl is scratch, stain, and dent resistant, as well as nearly fully waterproof, meaning you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing your flooring is up to the task!

Easy to Install and Maintain

If you need your space to come together quickly and want to minimize your time spent installing, LVT is a great selection. Vinyl tile is easy to lay in place, and once installed, care is simple. Regular sweeping, vacuuming and spot cleaning will keep your floors looking brand new!

Ready to enhance your home with stylish flooring options built to last? Contact our team to learn more about luxury vinyl tile today.