Winter-Friendly Flooring

by | Sep 30, 2022 | Flooring General, Home Tips

Winter preparation in Edmonton should never be taken lightly. When getting ready for winter, one invests in the best of coats, the sturdiest of boots and the warmest of thermal wear to ensure they stay warm all winter long. As a homeowner, investing in the best winter-friendly flooring is just as important as investing in winter clothing. Don’t let the cold creep inside your home by installing carpet flooring this winter! Read on to learn more about how carpet flooring can keep your home warm during the harsh winter months.

Benefits of Carpet For Harsh Edmontonian Winter

While there are many flooring options that provide your home with warmth and comfort, none compare to the coziness and warmth of carpet flooring. Throughout the history of flooring, no material has been able to absorb the cold and provide excellent insulation as carpet flooring does. The combination of different materials with a variety of weaving methods has created the possibility of a flooring option that reduces heat loss and provides warmth and comfort throughout your home. Without a doubt, warmth and comfort are the best-selling features of carpet flooring; however, there are several other great benefits to carpets, including:

1. Style Up or Down!

More often than not, homeowners tend to forget that carpet flooring can be either luxurious and elegant or provide a comfy and low-key appearance. Styling your home with carpet flooring is much more flexible than other flooring options, where you can dial up or tone down the style very easily. The right carpet option can dramatically change the appearance of your space and give it a completely different aesthetic and texture. With carpet flooring, your styling options are endless.

2. Safety Is A Necessity

Unlike most flooring options, carpet flooring is excellent at providing a soft and cushion-type surface in your home. Rather than tripping over and falling onto a hard surface, carpet flooring provides you with a softer surface to land on. Whether you have children or older residents at home, carpeting is always the safest option. It also eliminates the possibility of slipping over spilled water as the thick material can quickly absorb any liquid (and is also easy to clean!)

4. Sound Absorption

If you’re looking for a flooring material that can absorb noise and provide you with a quiet home, then carpet flooring is the perfect solution. Dragging furniture across the carpet will not create as much noise as it would on hardwood or laminate flooring, as the carpet is made from sound-insulating materials that can absorb noise more than other flooring options. Whether it’s wool, nylon or polyester, all carpet flooring materials absorb the noise in your home.

What Kind of Carpet is Perfect For Your Home?

At Ashley Fine Floors, we have a variety of carpet options that come in various colours and materials, suitable for all homes. If you’re unsure which option works best for you, try our online room visualizer, where you can pick any of our products and see them in your space! All you have to do is snap a photo, choose a product, and you’ll be able to view your choice in your room. You can also visit our carpet store in Edmonton and grab samples of your favourite options.