Luxury Vinyl Tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is an increasingly popular option due to its wide variety of finishes. As a synthetic product, luxury vinyl tile can convincingly mimic stone, ceramic and wood planks, Soft, flexible, and easy to install, Ashely Fine Floors is a proud carrier of many LVT products.

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring?

Soft, flexible and the easiest floor finish for the do-it-yourself enthusiast, luxury vinyl tiles have many advantages.

  • A very affordable way to get a floor that looks like stone, ceramic or hardwood
  • The perfect option for floors that are prone to movement and moisture
  • Provides a natural sound barrier
  • Soft on the feet and easy on the joints
  • Acrylic grout that resists cracking
  • Low sheen hides dirt and grime
  • Newer vinyl tile has a fibreglass backing that can adhere to existing surfaces
  • Low maintenance

Luxury Vinyl Tile Styles

Luxury vinyl tile comes in a very wide variety of colours and patterns. Whether you want the look of stone in your kitchen or black and white checkerboard in the den, a patterned floor, or an artistic scene, there is a vinyl tile that will enhance your living space.

    Luxury Vinyl Tile Maintenance

    Vinyl tiles perform best indoors and away from wet areas such as bathtubs and showers.

    Do not wax vinyl tile
    Avoid soap-based detergents as this may affect the finish
    Never use an abrasive cleaner as this may scratch or tear the tile
    Vacuum with a soft bristle/floor attachment as required
    Sweep and wet mop as required

    Our Trusted Luxury Vinyl Tile Suppliers

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