Insurance Services

Peace of Mind Guaranteed: Comprehensive Insurance Services for Your Flooring Investment

Fires, floods, break-ins─no one wants to consider the worst-case scenario, especially when you’re in the midst of excitedly planning your new space! However, they do happen. Proper insurance coverage can offer you peace of mind that when tragedy hits, you aren’t left stranded.

At Ashley Fine Floors, we understand how stressful it is to work through insurance claims. We provide our customers with peace of mind about their investment in new flooring through our comprehensive flooring insurance services.

Whether you want to replace your hardwood floor to look exactly as it did before the damage hit or you decide to take your style in a new direction, Ashley Fine Floors will coordinate with your insurance adjuster to eliminate the stress of your flooring repairs.

We work with both adjusters and restoration companies to ensure repairs are completed with little to no stress, allowing you to get back to normal life as soon as possible. We ensure your home and frazzled nerves are treated with the care they need and deserve


Stress Free Insurance Process
Communication on your behalf with insurance Adjusters
Ongoing Support
Exceptional Customer Service
In-depth industry knowledge