How long will it take for my flooring to arrive?

Depending on selection, delivery can be anywhere from same day or up to 4 weeks for special items, please allow yourself time when choosing the right floor for you. A sales representative will help you understand when to expect your flooring.

We believe it’s never too early in a renovation to pick out your flooring. Having your flooring picked out in advance will ensure it’s ordered on time, and most importantly arrives on time.

What can I expect on my day of installation?

Installers will show up in the morning, unless otherwise notified. Our Calgary and Edmonton floor installer’s work hard and if a big job you can expect them to work a bit late. Some installs may take more than one day, your salesperson will let you know.

Our flooring installers always treat your home with the best care. However, flooring installation is a renovation to your home and some mess is inevitable. While we are working make sure the space is clear and you close off areas that are not getting new flooring. When we are finished our team will clean up after themselves, leaving a finished product you will love!

Return policy?

All special flooring orders are a final sale, stocked items can be returned within 30 days and can be subject to a re-stocking fee. Always make sure you love you choice before you order and have our Ashley Fine Floors sales team measure your space.

How long have your installers been working for you?

Our flooring installers are the best! Majority of Ashley Fine Floors installers have been with us for over 10 years, some since we started, which is 25 years!

Do you work with adjusters for insurance claims?

Our flooring installers are the best! Majority of Ashley Fine Floors installers have been with us for over 10 years, some since we started, which is 25 years!

Do you have warrantees?

Our products all come with manufactures warranties and we include a 2 year warranty on our installations. At Ashley Fine Floors you are always in good hands.

FAQ for Flooring Products:

Here are a few of the most asked questions about flooring products

Should I steam clean my carpets?

Most manufacture’s recommend a professional steam clean every 12-18 months. Homes with pets or young children may need to steam clean carpets more often.

Is carpet bad for allergies?

No, this is a myth. It is actually better for allergies when vacuuming is done regularly. Carpet traps and holds the dust in until vacuumed, where as hard surface will let the dust circulate.

What should the humidity be at in my house for hardwood maintenance?

We always recommend a humidifier in the home if hardwood is being installed. The standard is around 35% but it will vary with each hardwood product. Your Ashley Fine Floors sales representative will make sure you have the information you need for the best care of your flooring.

Why should I choose vinyl tile over ceramic tile?

The main reasons to choose vinyl tile over ceramic tile are:

  • Vinyl tile is softer to walk on
  • Acrylic grout is used in vinyl tile so it won’t fade or crack
  • It is easier to install and easy to replace a vinyl tile if required
Do you have green products?

Green Eco-Friendly Flooring from Ashley Fine Floors is designed to fit today’s smart customer who wants to leave a lesser footprint on our planet or perhaps needs to alleviate chronic health concerns such as allergies and/or asthma. Whether it is a modern or traditional style of flooring, offer a wide variety of products. Contact us to find the right green flooring product for you!

What is the difference between traditional hardwood and engineered hardwood?

Traditional hardwood is solid wood. ¾” thick by 3 ¼, 2 ¼, 5”

Engineered has a plywood or MDF/HDF core with the hardwood veneer on top, engineered woods is generally more stable due to the construction of the board and can withstand climate change better, engineered woods vary in thickness (3/8”-3/4”)

What is the best flooring for families with pets or young kids?

Our Ashely Fine Floors sales team can help you pick the best options. We generally suggest Laminate, Luxury vinyl plank, Ceramic Tile, or Carpet.

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