Cork Flooring in Your Commercial Space

by | Jun 28, 2022 | Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is one of the most commonly used floorings by home and business owners due to its durability, low cost and sustainability. No matter the budget or the style, property owners can find solid cork flooring that suits their office needs. If you’re looking for a flooring solution that fits your budget and is eco-conscious, then cork flooring is the choice for you. Read on to learn more about the benefits of cork flooring for your office space.

Durable and Comfortable

As a property owner, you are most likely looking for flooring that can last for decades and withstand the heavy traffic within the office. Cork flooring resists cracking and abrasions and is also impervious to gas and liquid, eliminating the need for costly maintenance and upkeep.

The natural material allows for cork flooring to quickly bounce back, so indentations caused by furniture or heavy traffic won’t leave a permanent mark on the office floor. Compared to hardwood or ceramic flooring, cork flooring is a lot more comfortable to stand or work on. The genetic structure of cork flooring gives a cushioning effect and provides great insulation.


It can be challenging for employees to deal with constant sniffling and sneezing all spring long during allergy season. Cork flooring is one of the best flooring materials that naturally resist mildew and bacteria that would lead to mould growth. Cork flooring will help you maintain a healthy environment at the office, reducing the possibility of allergies spreading around.


Unlike other floorings, cork flooring is quite fire-resistant. Cork melts and ignites at a very high temperature, allowing your employees to leave the building in case of a fire emergency. Compared to vinyl flooring, cork generates less smoke and even releases less toxic material before and during combustion.


Since cork flooring is actually a natural material that is harvested from the bark of cork oak trees, those looking for flooring that is gentle on the environment and is made from sustainable materials will be pleased to learn that cork flooring is best suited for their eco-friendly office model.

Sound Absorption

In a busy office environment, sound can quickly become a distraction and sometimes cause problems within the workflow. Cork is an excellent flooring solution for loud, commercial spaces as the material efficiently absorbs extra vibration throughout the office.

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