5 Reasons to Consider Cork Flooring At Home

by | May 13, 2021 | Cork Flooring, Flooring General

Are you on the hunt for a flooring solution that is both style and eco-conscious? With the importance of environmentally sustainable homes and reduced footprints become more apparent than ever before, cork flooring has become an increasingly popular option among homeowners looking for a solution that’s made to last while also keeping the environment in mind. Ashley Fine Floors is proud to carry a selection of cork products and to highlight the benefits of this wonderful option. Learn more below with 5 reasons to consider cork flooring at home!


One of the top considerations when choosing a flooring solution is durability. Homeowners will be pleasantly surprised to learn that cork is exceptionally durable, thanks to the flexibility of the compound. Cork is resistant to cracking, scratching, and even moisture, unlike many other options. This means that cork is ideal for spaces that experience heavy foot traffic, deal with extra wear and tear from pets or children, and more.

Reduce At Home Allergens

Tired of sniffling and sneezing all spring long? One thing you may not know about cork flooring is that it is naturally bacteria resistant, which makes it far less susceptible to the spores that lead to mould growth and the build of seasonal allergens. For homeowners wanting to cut down on how often they need to change their furnace filters, have pets, or simply want to create the healthiest environment possible, you’ll be amazed at what cork has to offer.


Tired of cold toes? Cork can help! Cork retains heat very well, meaning it’s warmer than other options like hardwood or vinyl. Best of all, it can also be installed over radiant heating, giving you cozy results all year long!

Sound Absorbing

If sound transfer is a concern for you, cork is a fantastic option. Much like cork’s insulation advantage, the build of the material easily helps absorb extra vibrations throughout your home, helping to create a quieter environment for everyone. This makes cork perfect for nurseries, music rooms, home offices, theatre rooms and much, much more!


Finally, cork is available in a wide variety of patterns, making it easy to integrate into any space!

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