Cork Flooring

Cork is harvested from the Quercus Suber or cork oak tree. Since the product is removed from the tree’s bark (the tree is not harmed or cut down), cork is one of the most environmentally sustainable types of flooring on the market. Providing excellent insulation for cooler months, as well as noise suppression between floor levels, cork flooring is an exceptional choice for eco-conscious property owners and builders.

Why Choose Cork Flooring?

Cork is noted for its soft texture, in addition to being:

  • A green, sustainable choice
  • A natural sound barrier
  • Impact resistant
  • High traction to prevent slips

Ashley Fine Floors specializes in environmentally sustainable cork flooring. Our cork flooring is a natural sound barrier and impact resistant, making it the perfect choice for your home.

Cork Styles

Cork comes in many colour variations and is a very natural looking product. Cork can add an earthy touch to rooms and when both dark and light cork are used, you can create artistic floor patterns. Cork comes in sheets, tiles and planks. Check out our gallery and portfolio to see how versatile cork can be.

 Cork Maintenance

Due to its porous nature, cork requires regular maintenance, and since it is soft and prone to denting, it is not recommended for high traffic areas.

  • Promptly clean up spills to avoid stains
  • Place pads under chairs and other heavy furniture to reduce the risk of dents.
  • Use mats at outdoor entry points to stop dirt and mud in its tracks
  • Cork performs best in areas of low moisture and humidity
  • Sweep, vacuum and damp mop floors as necessary

Choose Ashley Fine Floors for all Your Cork Needs

Ashley Fine Floors has your needs in mind if you are looking for a beautiful, natural wood floor that is also green and sustainable. Contact us today to learn about all the benefits that cork flooring has to offer.