Preparing For Vinyl Flooring Installation in Edmonton

by | Jul 11, 2023 | Flooring General, Luxury Vinyl Tile, Vinyl Plank

After booking your renovation with Edmonton’s vinyl flooring experts, Ashley Fine Floors, you’re not quite off the hook yet. There are still a couple of things that we would like you to do before the day of your appointment in order to make things go smoothly. We always make sure to prep our clients ahead of time, but we understand having lots on your mind and letting things slip. Read on to refresh your memory.

Block Off Your Installation Days

Hiring an Edmonton vinyl flooring team to take over the installation of your renovation project will alleviate stress, but be prepared that we will often require our clients to stay on-site throughout the duration of the flooring process. As well, prepare your kids and pets by keeping them out of the rooms that will be getting new flooring. For kids, try to keep them out of the path of the installers, as we will often be carrying items that can hurt a small child. For pets, it may be better to keep them in a single room without roaming access while the crew is coming in and out of the home. If so, please take care to provide water, food, and anything else to keep them comfortable.

Prep the Room(s)

Taking out the furniture may be on you, so be sure to check your specific Edmonton vinyl flooring company. Clear the room completely (including wall decor) either on your own or by hiring a local moving company. Furniture should be moved out before the day of installation, and to another area that will not obstruct access to the renovation area. As well, know what will be required of you; this may include access to bathrooms for the crew or proper ventilation of the rooms being renovated. Renovating a significant amount of space? Consider renting a storage unit.

Give Them Space

Depending on the scale of your renovation, it might be best to give up your driveway or reserve parking for the trucks in your Edmonton home. The vinyl flooring team may also appreciate an extra space to set up tools and such out of the way of the renovation area. If you have room in a garage, empty room, or somewhere else out of the way that won’t be a hazard, consider lending it to them. If there are narrow pathways between the entrance and the area being renovated, remove any obstructing furniture, fragile items that may get knocked off walls or shelves, and anything else at risk of damage.

Talk With Your Team Before the Day

Each company has its own procedures. Some may require certain ventilation, others may bring their own. It’s important to talk to your Edmonton vinyl flooring team to understand exactly what they will need from you before, during and after the vinyl flooring installation. Edmonton’s Ashley Fine Floors has open communication with its clients, and we will tell you what we expect from you as well as what you should expect from us. 

Get Vinyl Flooring In Edmonton With Ashley Fine Floors

Ashley Fine Floors in Edmonton has the right vinyl flooring for your home renovation project. Our in-house experts can tackle any flooring issue they may come across. We are proud of the work we can do: our reputation comes from the many years of projects we have completed. If you have any questions about how we can help upgrade your home, contact us!