Flooring Factors To Consider For Pet Owners in Edmonton

by | Jan 25, 2023 | Flooring General, Home Tips

Finding the perfect flooring for your home as a pet owner can be difficult, especially if you’re a pet owner in Edmonton. Unlike other parts of the world, Edmonton’s weather is challenging all year round. No matter what season it is, pet owners in Edmonton struggle to find flooring options that can withstand the snow, mud, dirt and dead leaves that are brought into the house by their pets after a walk. If you’re a pet owner in Edmonton, you understand the challenges of finding flooring suitable for all seasons.

As an Edmonton-based flooring store, Ashley Fine Floors has an extensive inventory of different flooring options that are suitable for pet owners in Edmonton. We are familiar with the changes of the seasons and how they can impact your choice of flooring as a pet owner. Read on to learn more about flooring options that will work for you and your furry friends!

Things To Consider

When shopping around for flooring options, you should consider the following factors:

Scratch Resistance 

It goes without saying that pets are going to put some wear and tear on your flooring, even if their nails are regularly trimmed. If your pet usually scratches against the floor while they’re playing, make sure you choose a flooring option that is highly scratch resistant.

Water Resistance

For the majority of the year, Edmonton is either experiencing heavy snow or heavy rain, which means that most of your dog walks will bring back snow, dirt, grime and mud into your home. With water-resistant flooring, you will no longer have to worry about water damage to your floors after every walk. Water-resistant flooring is also an excellent option for puppies as it rids you of worrying about stains, mildew and mould.


As a pet owner, you probably already know pet accidents are inevitable, no matter how well-trained they are. When looking for flooring for your home, choose a type of flooring that is easy to maintain all year round. Not only do pets shed often, but they can also sometimes spill liquids, tear up paper or leave traces of dirt around the house, so it’s important to find a flooring option that can be easily cleaned.


Many homeowners often forget about the length of flooring installation. Depending on the space you have and the type of flooring you purchase, you might need a few days to install your flooring option. Having strangers come in and out of the house can cause stress to your furry friends and throw off their daily routine, so always consider how long the installation might take before making your purchase.


Last but definitely not least, not all types of flooring options are comfortable for pets. For instance, some flooring options can be too smooth for your pets. This can make it difficult for them to maneuver around easily and even add stress to their joints over time!

Ready to Purchase Pet-Friendly Flooring in Edmonton?

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