4 Healthy Habits For Hardwood Flooring in Edmonton

by | Jun 28, 2023 | Hardwood

Hardwood flooring is a luxury choice for Edmonton homes. It’s a great investment for real estate, bringing a modern-but-timeless look to any room. Hardwood can be sourced sustainably, comes in different types of wood, and can even improve air quality. If this flooring is on the horizon for you, here are some healthy habits you should start today to keep your floors in their best shape.

Clean Up Spills and Snow Immediately

Accidents happen; but when they happen on a hardwood floor, it must be tended to immediately. Any type of liquid is potentially dangerous for wood, and hardwood flooring in Edmonton is at greater risk of warping during the winter than in other cities in Canada. When water or snow sits on wood it will be absorbed, which warps the wood. The more snow you get, the higher chance you have of warping wood! Getting into the habit of cleaning up spills and puddles right away will help extend the longevity of your hardwood. Keep a mop by the entrance for quick snow control.

Take Off Shoes On A Mat 

Mats are an excellent tool to prevent tracking outdoor elements onto your floor. For those with hardwood flooring in Edmonton, placing mats in your entrance is an excellent way to keep any potential salt, rocks, dirt, or any other debris off this investment piece. If you like to wear shoes indoors, make sure you use an indoor-exclusive pair of shoes on your hardwood floors. A habit as small as this can save you a lot of headaches down the road by decreasing the likelihood of snow, dirt and other elements tracking through the house.

Use Furniture Pads

Hardwood flooring in Edmonton should always be accompanied by padding on all furniture legs. These are widely available, inexpensive, and will protect the wood from scratches that can quickly deteriorate the state of your wood. You must be vigilant to replace them as needed, as scratches in the flooring can lead to major damage when combined with the effects that Edmonton winters can have. Make it a habit to put furniture pads on all your furniture, and watch for when they need replacing.

Sweep/Spot Wash Every Day

The best method of care for your hardwood flooring in Edmonton is for daily sweeping and spot mopping when required. While it’s easy to keep hardwood floors clean, a sweep with a microfibre cloth every day is a good idea. This quick sweep, plus a spot mop, can do wonders for protecting your hardwood flooring over time, especially when done habitually. The five minutes you spend sweeping your floors daily will save you so much time and money down the road. The more you care for your floors daily, the less work it will take to perform a weekly deep clean. 

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