Summer Linoleum Installation Tips

by | Nov 30, 2020 | Linoleum Flooring

With Summer on the way, families are more active than ever, eager to get out and enjoy every moment in the sun! More activity outdoors means the increased potential for dirt to track indoors. If you have linoleum floors, or are considering installing them knowing how to maintain their natural lustre is a must. Fortunately for those of us constantly on the go, your upkeep routine is quick and easy. Find out how to keep your linoleum looking its best below!

A Word On New Installations

If you’re looking to care for your newly installed floors, you’ll want to give your linoleum at least one week to properly set before your introduce any wet washing or scrubbing. If you need to spot clean or mop up spills, do so promptly and use gentle microfibre cloths to remove as much moisture as possible without disturbing the setting process.

Regular Maintenance

Once your floors have properly settled into place, your new cleaning routine is quite easy to implement. Follow these quick tips to get started.

Remove Dirt and Debris Often

While linoleum is very durable and fairly forgiving, it’s best to remove any dirt, grime, mud, or other visible contaminants  swiftly to avoid build up, as well as the potential for stains or scratches. Try to sweep, vacuum (on a gentle setting!), dust mop once a week or as needed to keep your floors clear.

Be On Guard For Spills

Spills and leaks happen, we’ve all been there. Your linoleum should be resistant to liquid, but that still doesn’t mean its a good idea to leave any damp spots unattended. Be diligent with spills, blotting them up with soft paper towels or microfibre as quickly as possible to help maintain your seal and prevent water damage from occurring.

Avoid Harsh Chemicals

If your linoleum is getting on the older side, it may be tempting to introduce some stronger cleaning agents to your routine to try and get rid of stains or duller areas. Harsh chemicals often have the opposite effect than desired, stripping away the protective elements of the tile and leaving your floors more vulnerable to outside factors.

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