4 Tips for Picking New Flooring

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Flooring General

4 Tips for Picking New Flooring

Are you in the process of selecting flooring for your new home or renovation space? From carpet to vinyl, hardwood, and everything in between, finding the right flooring serves as the perfect foundation for your space, marrying function and aesthetic to bring your vision to life. At Ashley Fine Floors we’ve been helping Edmonton homeowners find their dream flooring for over 30 years from the comfort of our beautiful show homes. With an incredibly diverse inventory featuring some of the top names in the industry like Beaulieu, Mercier, Armstrong Flooring, the team at Ashley Fine Floors has everything you need to create your dream space at home.

If you need some help deciding how to choose the right fit for your project, below are 4 things to consider when choosing new flooring. Read on to learn more!

1. Know Your Space

One of, if not the most important part of choosing your flooring is knowing the specific details of the area in which you plan to install. Each area of your home will have unique needs, and knowing what needs to be accounted for will go a long way towards ensuring your final fit is up to the task and guaranteed a long life. Bear in mind that areas like the kitchen and basement will need flooring solutions that are more waterproof, and that different kinds of materials will have certain upkeep needs (more on that below) that you may end up considering cumbersome in the long run.

2. Style

Of course, next to space, another important variable to consider is style. While there are plenty of options that come in a wide variety of patterns, finishes, and colours, you’ll want to consider what the overall look you’re going for is. Lighter floors, for example, can help open up a room and give a light and airy feel, while darker finishes add a more intimate ambience, especially when paired with warmer lighting. Whatever you choose, your sense of style is sure to add some extra “oomph” to your whole home and let your flooring shine!

3. Function and Maintenance

Knowing the specific challenges your floors will face, as well as their main intended function, and your ability to routinely care for them is another major factor when it comes to making the right choice. For large families or those with pets, for example, you’ll want to find an option like vinyl or laminate that can handle constant foot traffic without the fear of getting scratched by pet paws. In addition, lower maintenance solutions like vinyl, cork and laminate are great for those on the go who may only have a moment here or there to spot clean or sweep their floors between deep cleans.

4. Budget

Finally, knowing your overall budget will be a major help when it comes down to making your final selection. While you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that there are lots of stylish options available at budget-friendly prices, knowing what your upper limit is will help guide the selection process and allow you to choose with confidence.

Ready to find the perfect fit for your home? We can help! Ashley Fine Floors has been connecting Edmonton and area with leading flooring solutions for over 30 years. Contact our team today to learn more.