Get Your Flooring Ready For Spring!

by | Mar 17, 2023 | Home Tips

With spring right around the corner, homeowners are looking for ways to keep their flooring clean! Below are some of the challenges you might experience this winter and how to avoid them!

Get Ready For The Change! 

Edmonton’s known for its many seasonal shifts, especially when transitioning from winter to summer. The fluctuation in temperatures and increase in the air can be hard on your floors, which is why you need to get ready for the challenges of seasonal changes. Whether you have vinyl, carpet, hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring, you need to be prepared for the following challenges that come with spring.


It’s no secret that Edmonton’s spring brings in significant rain and moisture, which presents a great risk to all flooring types. When moisture enters your home and sits unnoticed for long periods of time, it can cause extensive damage to your flooring. While many flooring options, like luxury vinyl tile flooring, are quite resistant to water and moisture, they are susceptible to damage if water isn’t quickly moped away. To keep your flooring safe from any water damage, make sure to remove your shoes, umbrella and any wet clothing and hang them in the foyer before heading into your home. If any moisture makes its way onto your floor, use a mop or microfiber towel to quickly clean up any wet spots.


Moisture is not the only challenge you should look out for during Edmonton’s spring months; mud and grime should also be on your list of external factors that can damage your flooring. As the snow melts, the gravel and salt used throughout the winter start to pile up with the dirt on the road. Whether you’re walking from the parking lot to your doorstep, taking your dog out for a quick walk or going out to get the mail, you are bound to track mud into your home. One way to prevent dirt from seeping into your home is by adding mats to your entryway and removing your muddy shoes or boots before entering the house. You can also add a boot tray right next to the door, which will soak up all the moisture from your shoes and keep your floors clean. If you’re a pet owner, consider adding a dog doormat in the foyer, as it will clean up any dirt, water or mud that your furry friend brings in.

Water-Resistant Vs. Waterproof Flooring

Many homeowners believe that water-resistant flooring is similar to waterproof flooring. It’s important to note that fully waterproof flooring is very rare, and flooring options labelled as “waterproof” can still be susceptible to water damage when exposed to moisture for prolonged periods.

On the other hand, water-resistant flooring usually has a water-resistant coating that prevents moisture from seeping into the core for a period of time. While the water-resistant coating acts as a barrier, water can still seep into the core if not wiped away quickly.

Water-Resistant Flooring in Edmonton

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