How To Maintain Laminate Flooring During Winter

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Home Tips, Laminate Flooring

Edmontonians are very familiar with the obstacles of the winter months, especially when it comes to maintaining our property’s flooring during the winter. Snow, dirt and gravel present unique challenges to all homeowners in Edmonton and often cause irreparable damage to the flooring. In this blog, we’ll talk about how to maintain your laminate flooring this winter to ensure clean and long-lasting laminate flooring for years to come.

Step 1: Read The Instructions 

You might be surprised to learn that many flooring manufacturers have specific cleaning instructions on how to maintain their flooring. While many flooring manufacturers produce the same type of flooring, they might use different materials or finishing touches. Before you start your cleaning process, read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to keep your flooring clean, or contact one of our flooring experts!

Step 2: Quickly Mop Spills

Spills happen in all households, and we have very little control over them. However, when they do happen, it’s important to wipe them up immediately. Laminate flooring can be heavily damaged when liquid sits on the floor for too long. Whether it’s a water spill, food spill or snow and mud prints, it’s essential to mop them up instantly to minimize the floor’s exposure to any liquids.

Step 3: Use The Appropriate Tools and Cleaning Products

Before using any tools or cleaning products, make sure they are designed for laminate flooring. Abrasive tools or harsh chemicals can scratch and damage your laminate flooring, so read the chemicals in all your cleaning products before using them on laminate floors. There are many cleaning products for laminate flooring, and they only use chemicals that are suitable for cleaning laminate floors. You should also steer clear of abrasive tools and only use soft cleaning tools such as microfiber mops, Swiffer mops, soft-bristle brooms or dust mops.

Step 4: (Optional) DIY Cleaners

Since harsh chemicals can damage laminate flooring, you can easily make your own laminate cleaner at home! For regular cleaning cycles, you can use a gallon of hot water with a teaspoon of unscented, clear dish soap to lightly mop up your laminate floors. For deep cleaning cycles, you can combine a cup of white vinegar with a gallon of hot water to break down any films or wax buildup on your floors. Always make sure that you’re using a damp mop when cleaning laminate flooring, and never let any water residue pool on the floor.

Step 5: Use Surface Protection

If your laminate flooring is in an area of high foot traffic, consider adding furniture pads under the legs of tables and chairs and a floor mat by the entrances. Like hardwood floors, laminate flooring can also be damaged by the constant movement of furniture, so it’s always best to protect the flooring from any unnecessary friction.

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