Professional Carpet Installation in Edmonton

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Carpet, Home Tips

While some homes retain heat with one layer of insulation, others require several layers due to poor foundations, thin windows or gaps under doors. If you’re constantly cranking up the heat in your home, but you still feel cold, you might need different insulation options. It’s no secret that carpet flooring is one of the best flooring solutions to increase your home’s R-value, as the thick fibre layers allow the carpet to heat up quickly and retain more heat. Another way to increase your home’s insulation is by using insulating underlayments. Read on to learn more about the different types of carpet paddings you can install to increase insulation in your home.

Types of Padding

Before purchasing your carpet padding, you should follow the recommended carpet padding options from your carpet manufacturers, as some carpet paddings can cause irreparable damage to your carpet, causing you to void your warranty. Some padding options, like rubber padding, are an excellent choice for busy living rooms or hallways, but unfortunately, it has one of the lowest r-value ratings. Other carpet padding options like fibre padding, for instance, have better r-value ratings that also work well with heavy foot traffic. With fibre padding, you find the perfect balance between heat retention and foot support. Not sure which carpet padding is best for your carpet? Visit our carpet store in Edmonton to learn more about carpet padding options!

Proper Carpet Installation Is Essential

Did you know that proper carpet installation and thickness of padding can heavily affect your carpet’s performance? Many homeowners fall victim to purchasing too soft or too thick carpet cushions, which can shorten the carpet’s performance life or pull it apart from the tack strip along the walls. To increase your carpet’s performance throughout the years and ensure the proper padding is used, you should hire a professional carpet installation service. Hiring a skilled and experienced professional will ensure that your carpet is secure, has the proper insulation and will not pull away from the walls.

Ashley Fine Floors has offered professional carpet installation services across Edmonton for many years. After choosing the carpet of your choice, our experienced customer service will recommend the proper padding for your needs. Once you’ve confirmed your purchase, our technicians will schedule a time to professionally install your carpet flooring and padding. You can always request samples from our customer service at the showroom to match the colour and style of the carpet with your home’s design, or use our online room visualizer to see any of our products in your space!

Get Professional Carpet Installation Services from an Edmonton – Based Carpet Store! 

At Ashley Fine Floors, we are proud to carry a variety of high-quality carpet flooring products from industry-leading brands, including Beaulieu Canada, Mercier, Shaw and more! We also provide a variety of carpet installation, insurance and maintenance services to ensure that all your flooring needs are met! Visit our showroom today!