Allergy-Free Flooring in Edmonton

by | Jul 12, 2022 | Carpet, Flooring General, Home Tips

It’s a common misconception that people with severe allergies should not install carpets in their homes as it contributes to asthma and allergies. Even though carpets collect dust and dirt much more than hard flooring, they tightly hold allergen-causing substances that minimize the levels of allergens in the air, eliminating allergic reactions. Read on to learn more about why carpet is actually better for people with allergies than other floorings.

Effective Anti-Allergy Flooring

Polyester carpeting is manufactured from artificial fibres that are durable and very easy to clean. In fact, the most effective anti-allergy carpet options on the market are both Nylon and Polyester carpets, as the fibres do not permit the growth of mould. The dispersion of dust and pollen will no longer be a problem by increasing your allergies as the fibres are designed to trap in dust and cause pollen to dry out instead of flourish.

The Shorter, The Better

Soft carpets with long pile height provide people with a soft and warm feel, but unfortunately, they negatively impact anyone with allergies. Long pile height carpets don’t trap dust and pollen as short pile height carpets, which usually cause strong allergy reactions. To prevent mould and mildew growth in your carpet and effectively keep allergens out of your home, you should consider installing carpets with tightly woven strands and a short pile height.

Underlay Matters

Even though one cannot see the underlay that is installed under the carpet, it plays a significant role if you have allergy problems. Usually, carpet underlay is made from cork, felt, foam, rubber or jute, and it’s always best to avoid natural materials. Natural underlays are more prone to absorb moisture, which increases the probability of the growth of mould and mildew. Artificial materials such as rubber or foam have already been treated with antimicrobial agents, which reduces the likelihood of mould and mildew growing under the carpet.

No Special Tools Needed

Unlike some flooring, carpets don’t require special detergents or cleaning tools to keep them clean. Ashley Fine Floors’ carpets can easily be cleaned using any regular vacuum from the store. You’ll no longer have to worry about purchasing the most expensive vacuum to clean your carpets thoroughly.

Keep Your Home Allergy-Free!

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