Signs of Poor Carpet Installation and How To Avoid Them

by | Mar 27, 2023 | Carpet, Commercial Flooring

Upgrading the flooring in your commercial space is an excellent way to spruce up the office and improve the overall appearance of your building. One of the most popular flooring options for commercial buildings is carpet, as it’s cost-effective, easy to maintain and can last for years when properly installed. 

Carpet installation is often perceived to be easy, and anyone can do it, but in reality, it requires meticulous and professional installation to ensure its longevity. If a carpet is poorly installed, it can cause many problems. Learn more about the signs of poor carpet installation below.

Signs of Poor Carpet Installation:

Loose Seams

When your carpet meets the walls, doorways, baseboards or other types of flooring, the seams should be neatly tucked. Professional carpet installers like Ashley Fine Floors often secure the edges with carpet tape, additional tacks, adhesives or transition strips to reduce the likelihood of carpet separating from the wall or unravelling at the corners. After your carpet is professionally installed, there shouldn’t be any loose seams. 


Wall-to-wall carpeting must be stretched tightly and secured with carpet strips along the edge to give it a smooth surface. Unfortunately, when the carpet isn’t stretched tightly enough, it may loosen up quickly and cause it to ripple. At Ashley Fine Floors, our professional carpet installation team uses a power stretcher during installation to reduce the chances of buckling and rippling. 

Uneven Surface

Some carpets require installing carpet padding to offer extra cushion for the feet; however, when installed poorly, it can cause a bumpy and uneven surface. With decades of experience and hundreds of jobs under our belt, Ashley Fine Floors is able to handle any carpet padding installation, even in tricky places. 

Benefits of Professional Carpet Installation

Professional carpet installation not only ensures perfect results and proper placement of the product, but it also saves you time (and therefore money) and gives you peace of mind.

Experts at Ashley Fine Floors are quick and efficient and ensure that your carpet installation is done in no time. Upgrading the flooring in a business building can be time-consuming due to the vast space; however, our experts are trained to install your carpets quickly and efficiently. We understand how overwhelming carpet installation can be, which is why we offer professional installation services to eliminate all your installation concerns. 

Professional Carpet Installation in Edmonton

Ashley Fine Floors is proud to have worked on several commercial installation projects across Edmonton. We offer a wide variety of commercial carpets and other commercial flooring options, as well as professional flooring installation services.

Visit our showroom at 14340 111 Ave or call us at 780 454-9503 for more information on commercial flooring projects! With Ashley Fine Floors, carpet installation is a breeze!