Commercial Carpet Installation: Dos and Don’ts

by | Jul 19, 2023 | Carpet, Commercial Flooring

Carpet is a great choice for many commercial businesses, coming in a range of styles and colours. Ashley Fine Floors offers many quality choices when it comes to choosing your next carpet. After you’ve decided on your colour and style, and booked your appointment, it’s important to know what you are expected to do, but also what you are expected to avoid. Keep reading to learn the dos and don’ts of commercial carpet installation.

Do: Send Out A Staff Memo Beforehand

If you’re re-carpeting a public office area, sending out a memo to all staff in that area will allow them time to gather any personal effects that they need to remove before the furniture is shuffled around. Please take care to remove valuables, breakables, and personal belongings before the team comes for your commercial carpet installation. A corporate memo will also prepare the staff for potential disruption in their work week. It is also good practice to send a memo to others in the building whose work may be affected by the new noise or extra movement. This could be the floors below or above, offices or buildings next door, or anyone else in the area.

Don’t: Disappear After the Project Starts

It’s important for your commercial carpet installation that you be available at all times for the installation team to ask any questions they may have or hear any updates they need to give you. At Ashley Fine Floors we ask that you make sure you are on-site and reachable during this process to keep communication efficient and the process as quick as possible. Commercial carpet installations are not as straightforward as most private home floor renovations, so being available to chat about the project eases both parties.

Do: Research How To Care For The Floor

Once your commercial carpet installation is finished, make sure that the people whose job it is to care for the new flooring are equipped to do so. Caring for your new floor will keep it looking brand new for longer. It might be a good idea to have a cheat sheet somewhere telling staff how to clean up any spills or stains. If your staff is used to wearing outdoor shoes to their desk, start a new habit of leaving outdoor shoes at the door before you have your commercial carpet installed. Tracking dirt, snow and more onto the carpet continuously will ruin the new carpet faster.

Don’t: Keep Concerns To Yourself

A commercial carpet installation can be stressful for the business owner. If you see anything happening that you aren’t comfortable with, or have any concerns about what the process looks like, please do not hesitate to reach out to the carpet installers. Ashley Fine Floors makes every effort to keep you up to date, but we will always answer questions you have and explain anything you don’t understand. 

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